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What You Need to Know about Financial Preparedness

When people think of disaster, they think of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and so on. But disasters are never confined into one category. There’s one particularly infuriating and painful category of disaster: financial. Millions of people got their first taste of financial disaster in 2008, when the Great Recession happened. It’s been close to a decade since then and therefore people who have recovered may have forgotten how bad it was. Even people who lost everything …

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Learning Survival Archery – Is It Necessary For Preppers?

The popularity of archery is rising at a high rate… No, it has been on the rise for thousands of years. The vital skill for all preppers has existed for years as an effective hunting method. Fast forward in today’s world, you might argue that the bow and arrow have no place in a world saturated with incredible varieties of guns. You might be right, but as the experienced survivalists will tell you, a bow …

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Operational Rescue

Operational Rescue: Avoiding The “Welfare Mentality” Of A Reliance Of First Responders To Get You Out

Recently, the tragedy in Oklahoma got me thinking that all the “prepping” in the world will not do the individual prepper a bit of good if they are not able to evacuate the structure they are in at the time of the disaster.  I will call it a disaster, but it could be an “event” (bombing, refinery explosion, train derailment ETC). All preppers should have the ability to effect Operational Rescue and in an urban environment have …

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Serrated VS Straight Edge Knives

Serrated Vs Straight Edge Knives

It is a topic knife enthusiasts have debated about for hours: serrated or straight edge knives. More often than not, this discussion devolves into simply which one is better, without providing tangible benefits to either model. Even though you may have an individual preference for one of the styles, the importance put on a serrated blade when compared to the straight-edged blade depends upon the intended function. If you are in the market for a …

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Custom First aid Kits

Custom First Aid/Medical Kits vs Pre-Made Kits

So now it’s time for you to go out and put together your medical kit.  I’m sure you’ve looked around at Walmart or other stores at the pre-made medical kits that they have for sale and were debating if you should purchase one or not.  While they aren’t all that expensive and usually come in a neat carrying bag or container of some sort you need to think to yourself “Does this kit really contain …

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Sharpen a knife

How To Sharpen a Knife

You may have heard the old saying “a sharp knife is safer than a dull one”. Well it turns out that this saying is completely true. A sharp knife is less likely to slip on what you are cutting, which is one of the main ways that people accidentally injure themselves. And if you do slip up, a sharp knife will give you a cleaner, less painful cut than a dull blade would. But even …

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Organize Camping for Kids

How To Organize An Amazing Camping Experience For Kids

The summer holidays are a time for adventure, and there’s no better adventure than sleeping under the stars during a camping trip. Camping may not be as comfortable as relaxing in a hotel suite, but if it’s done right it can be a great experience for the kids. Choose a weekend this summer to bring out the tent and get back to nature. What to Bring Aside from the basic essentials (a tent, sleeping bags, …

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The Survivor Filter Pro: A Product Review

Clean and safe drinking water is an absolute necessity.  That fact alone should be putting clean water at the top of your priority list.  Whether the shit has hit the fan, you find yourself stuck out in the wilderness, or even if your municipal water supply has become unsafe to drink you need to be able to filter whatever water is available to you.  Boiling the water before consumption may not always be an option …

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how to sleep better while camping

How To Sleep Better When Camping

Often when camping we lay on the hard ground or slowly-deflating air mattress and think of home. The thoughts of our cozy bed, lush pillows and the harsh light hidden behind dark window shades tug at our heat strings and make us experience what every camper has felt a twinge of — homesickness. What is it with humans and sleep? We are pretty picky. But if you love camping or at least want to give …

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6 Things Child Knows About Home Defense

6 Things A Child Knows About Home Defense

Home defense doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, a great way to go about home defense is to have a simplistic, childlike approach. In this article, you’ll learn to think like a child.  Think about it; A child’s brain is observant, creative and quite curious. It’s also very alert and has immense grasping power – a child learns a lot in a very short span of time.  Most importantly, since children are not …

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6 tips camping

6 Tips For Anyone Going Wild Camping

Anyone can go camping at a proper campsite and it’s going to be easy. You might have to get used to sleeping in a tent and cooking food on a fire, but apart from that it’s not hard. Wild camping is an entirely different ballgame. You need to take your skills to a new level and it’s nowhere near as easy. There could be lots of reasons why you would be going wild camping and …

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preppers mindset

A Preppers Mindset: Keeping Yourself Together

When it comes to you and I there’s at least one thing that we have in common which we can’t deny; we’re living in a world that is falling apart all around us.  In the last 50 years technology has grown and taken over our world at such a fast rate it’s absolutely mind blowing if you actually sit down and think about it.   And because of that technology, both for the good and the …

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The Solo Stove – A Product Review

Survival/camping stoves are an essential part of your bug out bag.  They enable you to cook your food, boil and purify water as well as provide you with a small heat source that is safely contained.  There are quite a handful of these types of stoves currently available on the market with new ones in the works as you read this article.  So you are probably asking which one really works the best and is …

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Dry Canning Using Oxygen Absorbers

Canning your dry ingredients with oxygen absorbers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to preserve your food for short-term or long-term storage.  What’s especially nice about using this canning method is that you can open up the jar anytime you want, use some of the contents, close the lid leaving the oxygen absorber(s) inside and it will reseal itself!  But before we get started lets learn a few things about oxygen absorbers. About …

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7 Ways Your Survival Plans Can Fail You

We prep.  We stockpile.  We make plans.  We try to imagine what will happen when it finally hits.  We follow the “two is one and one is none rule”.  We feel safe… but are we? If there’s one thing we can be certain of in a disaster scenario, it’s… uncertainty.  If anything can go wrong it will and the more we think about that, the more holes we can uncover in our prepping plans… and …

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