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6 Things Child Knows About Home Defense

6 Things A Child Knows About Home Defense

Home defense doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, a great way to go about home defense is to have a simplistic, childlike approach.

In this article, you’ll learn to think like a child.  Think about it; A child’s brain is observant, creative and quite curious. It’s also very alert and has immense grasping power – a child learns a lot in a very short span of time.  Most importantly, since children are not fully socially conditioned – their mind is not burdened with preconceived notions; it is open to all possibilities.  Now let’s apply these principles to home defense.

An attack on your home can leave your senses numb!  Many people are unable to think rationally in such a high pressure situation.  As a result, they often panic and make stupid mistakes.  Keep in mind, adults do the same things over and over again. Their life is so boring that they lose the ability to be resourceful and think differently.  They simply try to copy home defense strategies that they’ve seen on TV or read in an article somewhere.  Look towards your inner child for inspiration and you will uncover a treasure chest of ideas.

Here are 6 things about home defense that a child knows:


dog-1115700_6401) Stop a home invasion before it happens!

This one is so obvious that many people ignore it completely!  Many people are under the ridiculous impression that simply owning a powerful firearm is the best home defense strategy.  Well, I’ve got a surprise for you – it’s not!  The best strategy is to avoid the attack before it occurs, but how can you achieve this?

If you like animals, get yourself a big dog (Children absolutely adore dogs. Get something like a lab, mastiff, German Shepard etc. Don’t get those cute ones that are more likely to play with intruders instead of scaring the hell out of them.) If you’re not allowed to get a big dog for some reason at LEAST get one with a loud bark.  Put up a visible ‘beware of dog’ warning on your front gate, even if you don’t have a dog.

Your neighbors might find it amusing since they know the truth, however, the sign may just be enough to discourage burglars.  Nobody likes to confront an angry, ferocious dog! Another way to repel burglars is to make it known that your home is equipped with a security system and alarm.

Try to make your home as invasion unfriendly as possible. Keep up the appearance of your home – a shabby, not maintained home suggests lazy owners and often it becomes an easy target. Trim the bushes in your garden. Tall bushes serve as good hiding places for the invaders.

key-836862_6402) Secure all points of entry:

Many people are quick to secure their front door, however, they are careless with other possible entry points such as back-doors and windows.  Reinforce every window and door with a grill.  Invaders are smart and they constantly devise new strategies to trick home owners into opening the door.  Often, they send a vulnerable or non-threatening looking person to knock at the front door and then assault the home owner after the door has been opened.  This person could be disguised as anybody from the courier service guy to a woman whose car has broken down.

You may have noticed that children do not mingle with family friends and relatives when they meet them for the first time.  They need time to establish trust.  The same goes for you as well.  Be extremely cautious when dealing with strangers and don’t open the door while interacting with them.  Install an additional door at the entrance to your home as an added line of safety.  Do not skimp on locks – use deadbolts as they are among the hardest to break open.  Understand that your door is only as strong as its frame.  Galvanize all frames.  Yes, all this might turn out to be expensive, but it is not as expensive and traumatizing as an attacker breaking into your home.  Start by securing one room at a time.  Treat it like a project and have fun with it.  Children get incredibly excited about crafts and new projects.  Can you?

kid hiding3) Play hide and seek, but don’t get caught!

One of the earliest games that you played as a child was hide and seek. You were amazingly good at hiding in the most improbable places.  You were also great at tracking the location of your seeker without them knowing about it. So create a safe room to retreat into.  This could be your bedroom, somewhere in the basement or even a secret room.  Obviously, this room should be protected by a really strong, thick door.  Install a metal door if you can afford to or simply reinforce the frame and add additional bolts.  Ideally, the door should be able to withstand shotgun rounds.

It is pretty pointless to have a safe room if some of your family members panic and decide to hide under the dining room table so hold mock drills and practice retreating into this room along with all members of your family.  It’s really important that all people staying in your home are on the same page if you are ever under attack.

Hide some sort of weapon in your safe room – be it a knife, pepper spray, or preferably a firearm!  Hide another weapon at a different location in the house, just in case you do not make it to the safe room.  It is critical that the safe room contains a cell or telephone so that you can call for help should the need arise.

9114) Dial 911:

Children call out for their parents or elders as soon as they feel threatened. If your home is being invaded, call the police immediately, while retreating to the safe room. Even you’re  an experienced shooter with a potent weapon; you should still try to evade a confrontation with the attackers. A shootout is risky – especially since you don’t know the exact number of invaders and what weapons they may be carrying!  The police are much better equipped to deal with armed burglars than you. (Stop rolling your eyes)

Here are the five things to convey over the phone:

  • Where: Tell the operator your location (your address in this case). The operator can trace you but often, this takes up precious time and hence, it is best if you tell them your location over the phone. This way, the operator can dispatch the nearest police car in your direction even before the call is completed.
  • What: Describe what is happening. Eg: House is under attack, how many persons etc.
  • If you possess a gun, tell the operator that you are armed. Do NOT leave out this crucial bit of information.
  • Describe how you look: Tell them what you are wearing. How many family members etc.
  • Provide a description of the invaders if possible.

gun5) Use your gun only as a last line of defense:

You probably had a toy gun as a kid. You probably shot down bad men and dinosaurs with it.  However, now it is time to get real.  First of all, read up on the gun laws in your state and learn to use your gun properly. What is legal in Texas might be illegal in California.  If your child is old enough, consider training them how to shoot a firearm safely.

Don’t shoot if you can avoid it.  Be observant and alert – just like a kid.  Also, try not to shoot to kill, unless absolutely necessary.  If you injure or kill an attacker, don’t reveal excessive information to the police, ask for a lawyer immediately.


surveillance-camera-573532_6406) Go Hi-tech:

Children are fascinated with hi-tech stuff such as video games, fast cars etc.  Equip your home with motion sensing lights, CCTV cameras and security systems with alarms.  Modern technology can effectively safeguard your house against intruders, albeit at a price.  If you’re not tech savvy or simply cheap – leave the lights on!

Now your home is an impregnable fortress (unlike the sand castle that you built on the beach when you were 5)!  I pity the people who are foolish enough to try to invade your home. They should just buy lottery tickets instead, they have a better chance with those. (Grin)

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