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7 Ways Your Survival Plans Can Fail You

We prep.  We stockpile.  We make plans.  We try to imagine what will happen when it finally hits.  We follow the “two is one and one is none rule”.  We feel safe… but are we?

If there’s one thing we can be certain of in a disaster scenario, it’s… uncertainty.  If anything can go wrong it will and the more we think about that, the more holes we can uncover in our prepping plans… and all it takes is a mixture of imagination and common sense to do it.

In what follows, I want to talk with you about some of the things that might happen to your plans when S will finally hit the F. You may not like what you’re going to read, you may not want to think about them but trust me, the more scenarios you prepare for, the better.

#1. You or a loved one could get injured.

I know having a survival kit and basic medical skills makes you feel safe but we’re humans, after all.  The next disaster could take you by surprise, you might injure yourself jumping or climbing a fence or fending off attackers.

There are a million and one ways you can get injured. The question is, how can you prevent this and what will you do if it happens?  A few of the ways to increase your chances of getting out alive and save include:

  • developing your awareness so you’re among the first ones to run away the moment you notice something’s wrong.
  • focusing on self-defense (taking martial arts classes, learning how to use self-defense weapons or even moving out of a bad neighborhood)
  • spreading your medical supplies in strategic places (not just your bug out bag but also your EDC, your car, your home and your bug out location)

#2. You won’t be able to move fast enough when you bug out and you may even have to ditch your bag.

Here’s the problem: most preppers are out of shape and many are overweight.  If they have to bug out with a 40 pound backpack on their back they won’t make it too far.  They’ll quickly run out of breath and might have to keep moving without it.

It’s one thing to walk around the bedroom with the bag on your back and it’s another to walk for a few miles at a fast pace. I tried it and,though I consider myself to be in shape, I was surprised to see how much my bag was slowing me down.

There are two ways to tackle this problem: one is to get into shape and the other is to remove unnecessary items from the bag and/or replace them with lighter versions. Every ounce counts.

#3. Your food stockpile will be compromised.

Air, light, moisture, temperature, pests – these are the declared enemies of your food stockpile. If you don’t eliminate all of them, you might wake up with a compromised stockpile meaning you won’t have anything to feed you and your family in times when food will be worth more than gold.

#4. Your bug out location might be compromised by the time you get there.

“Compromised’ could mean a lot of things. Maybe someone broke into it and stole everything, leaving you without most or all of the supplies you carefully stockpiled over the years. Maybe they occupied it and could become violent if you try to evacuate them.

There are several solutions to this:

  • hide your stockpile in various places (bury it in the backyard, spread it around the house)
  • set up home defenses
  • have multiple bug out locations as back-ups, even if they don’t all have fully stocked pantries (the more, the better)

#5. You might be shipped to a “camp”.

This is what happened to people during Katrina, when they  had to spend days inside the Louisiana Superdome having to deal with fights, looting and rotten food.  Fortunately, only those who were unprepared ended up there and those are the exact type of people you don’t want near you in a disaster.

Act fast and don’t let authorities ship you wherever they want.  Stay tuned to what’s happening in your community and whatever it is that you decide to do (in essence, to bug in or out), you need to do it the moment you hear things are taking a turn for the worst.

#6. Your Neighbor Betrays You

If you made a deal with your neighbor to help each-other when SHTF, the odds of him being there for you aren’t particularly high. Who knows what the next disaster will force him to do.  By the time you knock on his door he may be long gone.

There’s only one person you can rely on and that’s yourself and if all your short-term survival plans include your neighbor, maybe it’s time to rethink them.

#7. Your Car Might Run Out of Gas

What if you’re forced to bug out with your vehicle only to realize you don’t have enough fuel to reach your destination?  You have to prepare for the event that you may have to continue you journey on foot. Besides, there are plenty of other reasons that will force you to abandon your vehicle such as a dead end, a downed large tree or a collapsed bridge.

Final Word

Can you think of more ways your survival plans can fail?  How about ways to fix them?  Leave a comment below.

This original article was contributed to Dan Sullivan from Survival Sullivan.

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