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A Preppers Mindset: Keeping Yourself Together

When it comes to you and I there’s at least one thing that we have in common which we can’t deny; we’re living in a world that is falling apart all around us.  In the last 50 years technology has grown and taken over our world at such a fast rate it’s absolutely mind blowing if you actually sit down and think about it.   And because of that technology, both for the good and the bad, we readily have just about any type of information that we want available right at our fingertips.  From watching the daily news to searching for things online to hearing that our government just passed another bill into law stripping away yet another one of our rights, it’s easy to let ourselves get consumed and overwhelmed.  So, what should we make of all this information and how do we keep ourselves together?  If you don’t have the proper mindset all of these things can and probably will take a toll on you whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or all the above.  I’m not a psychologist or other type of professional nor do I understand exactly how the mind works so I’m not here to give you professional advice.  Rather, I want to bring up some important points for you to think about.

girl on phoneStay Informed:

It’s very important for you to stay informed with what’s going on both around you and around the rest of the world.  Just don’t over do it.  Sadly, you don’t have to look very far to find yourself immersed in bad news.  The media does a good job at shoving it in our faces but beneath all the crap there are still good things happening, you just have to dig a bit deeper to find them.  On a daily basis I find myself scrolling through the articles on news, survival and prepper websites trying to filter the good informative articles from the ones that seem to nothing but try and put fear in my mind.  Sometimes I even have to tell myself enough is enough.  Be informed, but don’t’ go overboard with it.  Once you find out the main info for the day or week move on to something else.   Try and refrain from picking apart everything you read and researching it all, then going back and researching it all again because you weren’t completely convinced or satisfied.  All you’re doing is over thinking everything and letting your mind become consumed negatively.  On top of that you’d be surprised at how much time you spend doing this instead of being proactive.

 What’s true and what’s not?newspaper

Is what we hear in the news true or not?  If you don’t already have the wool pulled over your eyes then you’ll know that a lot of the negative news we hear/read is purposely published to invoke fear into our society.  If I read an article about an earthquake or other natural disaster published by CNN, I can presume that it’s true and actually happened without thinking it was fabricated.  But if I read an article about yet another vaccine scandal then my mind really starts to wander.  Is it true really true, or was this story fabricated to possibly cover up something else?  Who knows.  But what if?  But I need to know for sure… Try not to dwell on things you read that can’t be backed with hard cold evidence or proof.  Remember that once fear is instilled inside us then we are more susceptible to being controlled.  And that is exactly how our society today has come to be.  A society full of sheep that accept everything as it is because this is what we’re told to do.

automobile-218839_640What’s to come?

When you think of the near and distant future, what do you see? Where do you see yourself, your friends and your family?  What do you vision our world will be like?  If you have already become consumed with all the worldly things going on then you are probably envisioning something very bleak and depressing.  I have to admit that I am guilty of this myself.  Regardless of where things seem to be headed at the moment we still can’t accurately predict the future.  While we could waste our time playing out scenarios in our minds from natural disasters to the apocalypse, we could also die in our sleep tonight, tomorrow or a month from now.  But on the other hand we could end up living a long and wonderful life after all without witnessing any such event.  So, why stress about it so much?  It’s one thing to stay informed and be prepared for the unexpected, just don’t let it affect your quality of life.

Be Proactive:

When you find yourself in a low place, you know it’s time to stop what you’ve been doing and become proactive.  Don’t look at prepping as a chore, or something that you dread.  Instead, look at it as a hobby – something you and your family can work at together.  Don’t stress out if you aren’t sure where to start.  I’ve written many articles regarding preparedness, bug out bags, etc. and they are all listed in a simple to follow menu.  Create a stockpile of emergency supplies, food and water.  If you use something from your inventory, be sure to replace it.

Have you found yourself having to deal with similar types of struggles? Let us know what you did to over come these obstacles and challenges in the comments below!

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