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Are Preppers Crazy?

When we hear the term “prepper” we tend to think about the people who are featured on the Doomsday Preppers show on National Geographic.  I think that the tv show has gone overboard and the people and families that they feature on that show are not who most of us are.  Preppers come from all walks of life.  It could be a relative of yours, a best friend, someone you work with or maybe went to school with.  The media has done a great job at labeling us as “crazy” and “unstable”.  To answer the question, “Are preppers crazy?”, the answer is no, we are realists who can see that our world is in a very troubled state and instead of sitting around and doing nothing we’re taking things into our own hands to protect our families and our future.

It’s unfortunate that the media is controlled by our government and only reports on things in a way that will keep our minds from wandering elsewhere.  For example, we’ve all heard in the news recently that a crazy “prepper” kidnapped or took someone hostage and he happened to have an underground bunker stocked with food and all kinds of other supplies where he was hiding.  Immediately the media were on top of this reporting it to the world and even though they didn’t specifically state it, they were telling the world the preppers are crazy individuals.  If you want another example, just do some simple research and check out how many people have been arrested or have been put on “do not fly” lists because they are preppers.  The way that we think, how we live our lives and the things we’re told are all controlled.  It’s not hard to see that we’re on a rocky path headed for nowhere with no way to turn back unless we make a sudden detour and fall back behind the boundary lines of “normal” life.

old homestead cabinYou don’t have to look back very var into the past to realize that the things we are prepping for and the way we are prepping for them is exactly how our grandparents and great grandparents lived.  Sure, they had a harder way of life and physically they worked like dogs but mentally they were thriving.  Their only downfall was that they didn’t have the medical advances that we have today and some of those in my opinion are very questionable.  Think about your life and your job for a minute.  Our lives are filled with mental stress, deadlines and other things that are affecting our quality of life.  We barely see our family and our children are being raised by the daycare that they to.  Do you really think this is right?  It’s no wonder that we are taking things in our own hands and reverting back to a more simple way of life.  We are tired of being corporate slaves putting all of our hard earned dollars back into the economy just to barely make it by.

Unfortunately, technology has taken control over our lives and we now live in a world that is completely dependent on it.  Take away the power grid, the internet, cell phones and all the other devices and conveniences we rely on so much and our world would be at a complete stand still.  We would be thrown back to the stone age and unfortunately most people would probably die because nobody has a clue about how to live off the land anymore.  The children of our current generation have never had the chance to see the real way of life.  Since they were born, technology has been a part of their lives whether it be television, the internet, video games, cell phones or computers so in their eyes it’s normal to look at anyone who is reverting back to the olden days and think that they are crazy.

So think about all of the issues that we are facing and I hope that you can see that prepping should be an important thing on your list of things to do.  One of these days we will get a much needed wake up call and if you’re one of those people who can’t think outside the “technological” world, I pity you and can only wish you the best of luck.  For those of you who have already started to make a change in your lives, I congratulate you and urge you to continue on your journey!

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  1. I’ve been always appreciate those who are preppers. Hard but worth trying! Thanks for your meaningful blog!

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