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Learning Survival Archery – Is It Necessary For Preppers?

The popularity of archery is rising at a high rate… No, it has been on the rise for thousands of years. The vital skill for all preppers has existed for years as an effective hunting method. Fast forward in today’s world, you might argue that the bow and arrow have no place in a world saturated with incredible varieties of guns. You might be right, but as the experienced survivalists will tell you, a bow and an arrow is a MUST-HAVE weapon if you want to survive.

Whether you want to remain dead silent, your ammo has run out or you want to make a perfect line over that tall branch of a tree, archery becomes handy.

Let’s discuss 6 TOP reasons why learning survival archery skill is essential…

1-want-to-observe-low-sonic-profile1. Want to Observe Low Sonic Profile?

Probably, one of the most compelling reasons why you should start taking your survival archery lessons today is that a bow and an arrow makes up a silent weapon. You never know the day you’ll need a weapon that is not only deadly but silent in your operation.

Consider a situation where you live in an urban/suburban environment. Bugging out isn’t a choice for you there, and you’ll have to maintain a low sonic profile. As such, survival archery will be your top option.

Hunting with your firearm where competition is too high isn’t a wise idea for you either, unless you are ready to share your prize. A bow and an arrow guarantee you of a stealth takedown plus you’ll return to your base camp without drawing in any hostiles.

2. Using Survival Archery As Plan B2-using-survival-archery-as-plan-b

Among the many archery debates out there, some explain that learning the archery skill is not a viable idea since they’re ineffective defense tools. This is quite ridiculous… While guns have taken the stage as the most efficient defense weapons today, we can’t forget that the arrow and bow was the ranged weapon of choice for many years. And considering that your firearm runs on ammunition, you might run out of the same or simply want to conserve them. In this case, a bow will be your next best thing – your plan B!

There are also some areas across the globe where you can’t use a firearm. If you were in such an area, you would need a bow for hunting, defense, etc.

Remember that the key to emergency preparedness as well as long-term survival is having a plan B.

3-many-types-of-bows-to-pick-from3. Many Types of Bows to Pick From

When using a bow and arrow, you will be pleased by the numerous types of bows you can pick from. They make archery a fun activity as you are given a chance to select a bow you’re comfortable with.

Some of the modern bows on the market right now include:

  1. i) Crossbow – When cocked, a crossbow gains much more tension than all the other bows listed below. It has the capability to send bolts downrange at supersonic speeds. In fact, it’s the most lethal of all the bows.
  2. ii) Recurve bow – This is simply an improved model of the long bow (discussed below).

iii) Take-down recurve bow – Numerous preppers and survivalists swear by this bow due to its highly portable nature. Not forgetting that it’s the best bow to teach your kids the art of archery.

  1. iv) Longbow – The oldest model of bows and also the simplest to use.
  2. v) Sling bow – This is the most portable of all the bows and works best when used to take down small game.
  3. vi) Compound bow – This is simply an old model that has been improved by incorporating pulleys and cams to promote its shooting speed. Adding a single pin bow sight allow you to a get clear picture of the target or the sight pins, increasing your accuracy significantly.

4-the-market-is-saturated-with-arrowheads-too4. The Market is Saturated With Arrowheads Too

Yes, you’ll not only enjoy a wide variety of bows, but you’ll be spoiled for a choice when it comes to the arrowheads. The fact that you can easily interchange between different arrowheads is another top reason why you should consider archery for survival.

Some top arrowheads available today include:

i) Broadhead arrowhead – This is the most aggressive of all, with razor-sharp blades that actually cuts through the hides of the big game.

  1. ii) Field arrowhead – This is simply a variation of the bullet arrowhead (below), and it’s more aggressive. Perfect for target shooting and hunting small game.

iii) Bullet arrowhead – This is the simplest and the least intimidating arrowhead out there. It’s ideal for target practice as well as hunting small game.

  1. iv) Blunt arrowhead – Comprises of flat bulbous metal, rubber, or plastic tip. Best for knocking out small game.

Others include the snare and fish arrowheads.

5-multi-purpose-weapon5. Multi-Purpose Weapon!

The fact that you can use some pieces of the take-down bow arrow kit to perform different feels great. One of the parts of the bow that you can use for other purposes is the string – they’re pretty sturdy and range from 4 to 6 feet – as trot-line fishing, cordage for building shelter, bow drill for fire, and to set up snare/traps.

Additionally, you can use your arrows as spears, gigs for the small fish and game.

You can even add the broadhead arrowhead to a longer shaft make a larger spear for hunting the big game e.g. wild pig and for self-defense!

6. Don’t Forget the Cost Factor…


One more reason to add archery to your survival gear is the cost factor. Unlike the rifle, you can easily obtain cheap materials and use them to make your bows and arrows. Some people argue that the homemade bows are not as effective as the name-brand ones. But if you do your work carefully and correctly, you can make highly effective homemade stuff.

If you decide to settle on survival archery, don’t rush to the gear shops and spend all your cash on any gear you come across. Do your research well and you’ll be overwhelmed by the cheaper solutions you’ll come across – you’ll surely save a lot of bucks at the archery market.

Final Thoughts on Survival Archery

That’s it! Six top reasons why survival archery is a vital skill for every prepper out there. When we talk about archery skill, however, you ought to understand that this skill isn’t specifically meant for hunting, offensive or defensive tactics. It’s mainly about how you can employ an arrow and a bow when under various circumstances.

It’s also good to note that survival archery demands the commitment to fully understand the techniques as well as the equipment options. One significant advantage of survival archery is that you can practice it even in urban or suburban surroundings without drawing much attention. This is unlike when you’re using a firearm (plus in many jurisdictions, it’s illegal to do shooting practices on your patio).

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