Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

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Tree Sap: A Natural Wound Closure

What do you do if you’re in the woods and you have no bandages and need to close up a gash or small wound? Use tree sap!  Yes, I know it will make a sticky mess but this method has been used by many people in the past and works very well.  My father told me about several stories when he and his co-workers were working in the woods cutting logs (they used to drive …

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Identifying Your Survival And Preparedness Skills

Perhaps you have taken the initiative and have started to organize your prepping, survival or self-reliance plans but have you stopped to think about what kinds of skills you possess that will help you and perhaps others in any given scenario?  What about the skills that you don’t have? Will you have the time to learn them or will you rely upon others to help you out?  We all possess at least some skills and …

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Selecting a Survival Cache Container

Most people will build their own survival cache containers out of PVC because the material is readily available, it’s easy to make and very durable.  There are many other types of items that you can use for a survival cache, however, it’s important to make sure that whatever you use is airtight and waterproof, especially if you plan on burring it in the ground or anchoring it somewhere underwater, perhaps under a dock or under …

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Treating Broken Bones In The Wilderness

You’re hiking down a particularly steep talus field in a remote mountainous area. You take a step forward and suddenly the ground gives out beneath you. A jettison of loose rock spirals out from under your feet and you fall and begin sliding down the slope. In an instance your descent is halted and your foot slams into a boulder as another rock careens from above and makes impact with your ankle. You hear a …

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bug out bag checklist

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Here is a list of prepping items that we’ve put together.  Obviously you wouldn’t pack EVERYTHING in this list into your pack – this list is to give you ideas and remind you of things you may have forgotten to include. If you see something missing let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it in!  If you’re printing out this list, please note that we’re occasionally adding more items as we get …

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The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock: A Product Review

Perhaps you have gone camping many times before with your standard tent, but have you ever gone “hammock” camping? If not, you’re missing out on a totally unique and fun experience!  A standard hammock will definitely do the job, but this unique piece of camping equipment by Lawson Hammock definitely takes the cake and outshines the rest of the competition!  Today I am going to do a review on this unique and versatile hammock and …

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The RAD Straw By Clearly Filtered: A Product Review

We live in a time where we need to prepare for just about anything and everything.  The fact that our planet is littered with nuclear power plants doesn’t ease my mind either about possible issues that may arise in the future if one of them were to ever be damaged or completely destroyed either by a natural disaster or a planned attack. Take the tsunami that crippled the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plant in …

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The Emergency Survival Tin

Natural disasters can strike without warning as well as other types of emergencies. All too may times people find themselves caught in the middle of a survival situation with no supplies on hand. Perhaps they procrastinated and didn’t get their survival kit put together in time or like many, thought that nothing would ever happen to them. Planning ahead and being prepared beforehand is absolutely essential and key to survival. Our emergency survival tin is …

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Why Chickens Eat Their Own Eggs, How To Prevent It And What To Do About It

Egg eating, which is also a form of cannibalism is a very bad habit that is hard to break.  If you are thinking about raising chickens for eggs you should be aware of this issue so you can plan for it in advance in order to prevent it from happening. Once your chicken has had a taste of an egg, chances are you’ll start to find busted shells in your nesting boxes.  There are a …

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Selecting An EDC Bag

When going out and choosing an EDC bag there are some things that you should keep in mind.  You need to remember that this bag will be taken along wherever you go so it’s important that you choose one that’s not too big or too small and has the features to make it as portable as possible in any scenario.  You will want to be able to access all of your gear as quickly as …

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Waterproofing Your Backpack And It’s Contents

Having a bug out bag filled with all your essential survival supplies is great but if they are not protected from the elements all your prepping efforts will have gone to waste.  The last thing you want is to dig into your BOB to get something you need only to find it damp, soaken wet and unusable or completely destroyed.  Unless you have an expensive waterproof backpack, you’ll want to check out the following ways …

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Urban Survival: Foraging For Food And Finding Water When SHTF

A major crisis has already started to unfold in your town or city.  Any food and supplies that once remained on the shelves in your local stores have long been depleted with nothing left to spare and you find that your own supplies, if you were smart enough to prepare and stock them in the first place, are almost gone.  This isn’t something that you only see in a movie, it’s reality, and when a …

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Types Of Backpacks To Avoid

There are literally hundreds of different types of backpacks on the market and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  When selecting a bug out bag you want to make sure that the pack you get is very durable, fits you properly, has the proper supports and has enough compartments and space inside to store all of your supplies.  There are, however, some types of packs that you should absolutely stay away from which …

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The Importance Of A Bug Out Bag

For those of you who don’t know what a bug out bag is, it’s basically a portable kit in a backpack that contains the items you would need to survive if a disaster were to occur.  I can’t stress how important it is for every person and family to have a bug out bag ready just in case.  Disasters can happen in a split second and by having a bug out bag prepared you will …

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Selecting A Bug Out Bag

Now that we have gone over the importance of a bug out bag it is time to learn how to select one.  To get started on selecting a bug out bag I will go over the most common types of backpacks and will give a few examples of how each one can be useful. Internal frame backpack: An internal frame backpack has a support frame that’s built directly inside the pack.  It’s not removable and …

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