Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

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What Is An EDC Bag And Why Should I Have One?

What is an EDC bag? While some of us already have our bug out bags in order it can pretty much guaranteed that most of them are always left at home mainly because they are too big, heavy and bulky to lug around everywhere we go.  An EDC bag, also known as an “every day carry” bag, is a smaller version of your main bug out bag that is meant to be carried with you …

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Keeping Your Head Down While Bugging In

Your home represents safety and shelter from the elements, natural predators, and scarcity of food and water. For most of us, no other institution in our day-to-day lives has the resources that we need to survive.  Yet why do many survivalist take such great care in finding and stocking the ideal bug out location, more often than not far from their homes? What threat could possibly make a remote hideaway more ideal than the house …

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The Lone Wolf VS The Survival Group

Today we are going to cover a topic that many people continually ponder.  Should you bug out alone or with a survival group?  The answer to this questions isn’t a simple one because there are so many factors which could come into play that would ultimately affect your decision.  Many people believe that there is strength and security in numbers which is true, but who exactly are you bugging out with?  Do you personally know …

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The Three Main Evasion Scenarios

There are three main evasion scenarios that you need to be familiar with as it’s a 100% guarantee that you will find yourself in at least one of these situations as you prepare to escape and leave the area.  It will be crucial that you scan and study your surroundings before you embark on your journey as each scenario will drastically affect your escape plan, concealment options and strategy. Scenario 1: You don’t have any …

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Concealment And Movement Strategies In Urban & Wilderness Environments

By now you should know what concealment and movement during evasion means and today we are going to get right down to the fine details and go over some very important concealment and movement strategies you will need to exercise for both urban and wilderness environments.  If you missed the first article in this series, “What is concealment and movement during evasion?”, you can click here to read it before continuing on. To being, lets …

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Concealing Yourself And Evading FLIR Cameras

By now many of you have probably seen some sort of video either on the internet or on TV showing you how FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras detect objects that are giving off heat and displays them in white on the screen so that they stand out against the dark background.  To the untrained civilian, we usually think about these devices being mounted on military helicopters (as we have seen in some videos) but they …

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What Is Concealment And Movement During Evasion?

Having to leave your bug in or bug out location during the middle of a major crisis could prove to be a very dangerous and risky move.  You have to remember that other people like yourself will be in full survival mode and when society breaks down people will do crazy and unimaginable things to ensure their own survival which could mean either taking your supplies, harming you, or completely taking you out.  Avoiding the …

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Selecting A Bug Out Location

Leaving the security of your home and deciding to bug out should always be your last resort.  There are many different scenarios in which you could be forced to leave.  It could be a natural or man-made disaster or perhaps the economy has collapsed, society has broken down and the safety of your family is at risk because of looters and increased violence.   Your bug out location could be a friend or relative’s house, a …

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