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Selecting a Survival Cache Container

Most people will build their own survival cache containers out of PVC because the material is readily available, it’s easy to make and very durable.  There are many other types of items that you can use for a survival cache, however, it’s important to make sure that whatever you use is airtight and waterproof, especially if you plan on burring it in the ground or anchoring it somewhere underwater, perhaps under a dock or under some overhanging trees on the side of a river or stream.  Your container is something you might also want to take along with you so being able to carry it with ease is also important.

Below are some different items that can be used as a cache container:

  • PVC pipe containers
  • Ammo boxes (not waterproof or airtight)
  • Rain barrels or drums
  • Buckets or pails with a good sealing lid and gasket
  • Pelican carrying cases
  • Large glass jars

Where you plan on hiding your cache can play a big part in deciding what type of container to use.  Example: A pelican carrying case is very durable, airtight and waterproof but you may find it hard to hide in certain places such as in between a wall.  Additionally, if you plan on hiking a long distance, perhaps to your bug out location, you probably wouldn’t want to carry it in your hand the entire time.  In my opinion, making one out of PVC is probably your best bet as you can make it practically any size you need to accommodate the amount of supplies you plan to store in it.  You could also add on a shoulder strap and instantly you’re ready to go without having to worry about carrying it in your arms.  You can easily paint it to help disguise and conceal it and it can also be used to carry water from one area to another if needed.  Lastly, you could even use it as a flotation device, as long as you empty it or your items don’t weigh a ton.  I personally like to use items that have multiple uses.

Do you already have a survival cache? If so, what did you use as it’s container? Let us know in the comments below!

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