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Selecting An EDC Bag

When going out and choosing an EDC bag there are some things that you should keep in mind.  You need to remember that this bag will be taken along wherever you go so it’s important that you choose one that’s not too big or too small and has the features to make it as portable as possible in any scenario.  You will want to be able to access all of your gear as quickly as possible.  Also, remember that you get what you pay for.  Don’t pass up quality for a cheap price, it’s just not worth it and you will regret it in the end.

Mountainsmith Day TLS Lumbar Pack

Lumbar Packs:

Lumbar packs are an excellent choice to use as an EDC bag.  Personally, I chose the Day TLS Lumbar pack from Mountainsmith because I found it had all of the features I was looking for, it was reasonably priced and honestly, they manufacture a great quality product that I trust and know I can depend on.  This particular bag features a waist compression strap that directs the weight of the load to my hips which means I’ll be able to trek much further without getting tired and uncomfortable or sore.  Another nice thing about this bag is that it has built in snap clips to accept add on shoulder straps for extra stability if needed.

Mountainsmith Spirit 12

Regular Backpacks:

Some of you may prefer to use a regular backpack as your EDC bag which is perfectly fine.  It’s better than nothing but remember that a basic backpack will probably not have the organizational compartments and access areas which are important.  If you choose this type of bag it’s imperative that you organize your gear in matter placing your least important items at the bottom of the bag to the most important at the top of the bag.  If an emergency situation were to arise you don’t want to be sitting there fumbling through your entire pack to find a specific item.

Although I recommend you get a lumbar pack, the final decision will be up to you.  There are many types of bags on the market and choosing one can be a confusing and intimidating task.  To try and help you out I will list some features that you should be looking for in an EDC bag and some that you should avoid altogether.

Features to look for:

  • Multiple compartments
  • Multiple adjustments (hips, compression straps, shoulder straps, etc)
  • Made of quality and durable material that is mold and water resistant
  • Can be carried different ways (as a waist pack, shoulder bag, hand bag, backpack, etc)
  • Pocket(s) for water bottle(s) or a canteen
  • Exterior webbing to easily strap down and hold extra items

Things to avoid:

  • Cheap or low quality products
  • Bags that are bright in color (for those of you who are planning on staying concealed when the shtf)
  • Under sized packs such as fanny packs that prevent you from carrying the needed essentials
  • Over sized packs that make it difficult to bring with you

I hope this article has helped you at at least a little in selecting an EDC bag.  In the end, it will really be your personal choice and all I can do is share my thoughts and opinions.

What did you use for an EDC bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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