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Long Term Bug Out Bag Sustainment Kit


Sustainment The human body needs a specific amount of calories and water to survive. We need shelter and warmth to protect against the elements. Roll all this into one kit and you get a long term sustainment load. The kit that I have put together is based what I’ve learned from my own training and my memories of long term camping trips with my family. Be Flexible This kit is always subject to change based …

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An Introduction To Prepping: Where Do I Start?


Prepping is going to be one of the most important and long-term tasks that you will ever take on.  We all want to prepare ourselves and our families so that we will be as safe and secure as possible in the future whether it’s from some sort of natural disaster or other type of emergency situation.  Before you start it’s important to step off on the right foot and take baby steps.  You can’t expect …

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Putting Together Your EDC Bag


Hopefully by now you have gone out and bought yourself an EDC bag.  If not, you should backtrack to my previous post, “What is an EDC bag and why should I have one” before continuing on.  At this point it is time to start getting all of your gear together and organizing it.  Yes this sounds like it can be a daunting task especially when trying to figure out which items you really need and …

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Bug Out Bag Checklist

bug out bag checklist

Here is a list of prepping items that we’ve put together.  Obviously you wouldn’t pack EVERYTHING in this list into your pack – this list is to give you ideas and remind you of things you may have forgotten to include. If you see something missing let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it in!  If you’re printing out this list, please note that we’re occasionally adding more items as we get …

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Selecting An EDC Bag


When going out and choosing an EDC bag there are some things that you should keep in mind.  You need to remember that this bag will be taken along wherever you go so it’s important that you choose one that’s not too big or too small and has the features to make it as portable as possible in any scenario.  You will want to be able to access all of your gear as quickly as …

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Types Of Backpacks To Avoid


There are literally hundreds of different types of backpacks on the market and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  When selecting a bug out bag you want to make sure that the pack you get is very durable, fits you properly, has the proper supports and has enough compartments and space inside to store all of your supplies.  There are, however, some types of packs that you should absolutely stay away from which …

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Selecting A Bug Out Bag


Now that we have gone over the importance of a bug out bag it is time to learn how to select one.  To get started on selecting a bug out bag I will go over the most common types of backpacks and will give a few examples of how each one can be useful. Internal frame backpack: An internal frame backpack has a support frame that’s built directly inside the pack.  It’s not removable and …

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What Is An EDC Bag And Why Should I Have One?


What is an EDC bag? While some of us already have our bug out bags in order it can pretty much guaranteed that most of them are always left at home mainly because they are too big, heavy and bulky to lug around everywhere we go.  An EDC bag, also known as an “every day carry” bag, is a smaller version of your main bug out bag that is meant to be carried with you …

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Selecting A Bug Out Location


Leaving the security of your home and deciding to bug out should always be your last resort.  There are many different scenarios in which you could be forced to leave.  It could be a natural or man-made disaster or perhaps the economy has collapsed, society has broken down and the safety of your family is at risk because of looters and increased violence.   Your bug out location could be a friend or relative’s house, a …

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