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How To Organize An Amazing Camping Experience For Kids

Organize Camping for Kids

The summer holidays are a time for adventure, and there’s no better adventure than sleeping under the stars during a camping trip. Camping may not be as comfortable as relaxing in a hotel suite, but if it’s done right it can be a great experience for the kids. Choose a weekend this summer to bring out the tent and get back to nature. What to Bring Aside from the basic essentials (a tent, sleeping bags, …

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How To Sleep Better When Camping

how to sleep better while camping

Often when camping we lay on the hard ground or slowly-deflating air mattress and think of home. The thoughts of our cozy bed, lush pillows and the harsh light hidden behind dark window shades tug at our heat strings and make us experience what every camper has felt a twinge of — homesickness. What is it with humans and sleep? We are pretty picky. But if you love camping or at least want to give …

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6 Tips For Anyone Going Wild Camping

6 tips camping

Anyone can go camping at a proper campsite and it’s going to be easy. You might have to get used to sleeping in a tent and cooking food on a fire, but apart from that it’s not hard. Wild camping is an entirely different ballgame. You need to take your skills to a new level and it’s nowhere near as easy. There could be lots of reasons why you would be going wild camping and …

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The Powerpot V: A Product Review


You would think that having survival equipment that requires batteries to run would be inconvenient and rather useless, especially once the power runs out.  Not to worry, there’s a new product on the market and today I am going to do a review on the Power Pot 5.  It’s an ingenious product that will charge and/or power most small devices.  I can feel your comments and thoughts on the smartphone post being retracted! Talk about …

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The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock: A Product Review


Perhaps you have gone camping many times before with your standard tent, but have you ever gone “hammock” camping? If not, you’re missing out on a totally unique and fun experience!  A standard hammock will definitely do the job, but this unique piece of camping equipment by Lawson Hammock definitely takes the cake and outshines the rest of the competition!  Today I am going to do a review on this unique and versatile hammock and …

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