Saturday, March 17th, 2018
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The Solo Stove – A Product Review


Survival/camping stoves are an essential part of your bug out bag.  They enable you to cook your food, boil and purify water as well as provide you with a small heat source that is safely contained.  There are quite a handful of these types of stoves currently available on the market with new ones in the works as you read this article.  So you are probably asking which one really works the best and is …

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Vital Grill Survival Stove: A Product Review


I received my Vital Grill survival stove in the mail the other day and finally had a chance to try it out.  I wasn’t sure if it would perform like they show you in the video that I have posted below but I was wrong – it performed even better!  As a test I put the fan on the highest setting and opened the draft all the way and this thing operated almost like a …

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