Saturday, March 17th, 2018
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Identifying Your Survival And Preparedness Skills


Perhaps you have taken the initiative and have started to organize your prepping, survival or self-reliance plans but have you stopped to think about what kinds of skills you possess that will help you and perhaps others in any given scenario?  What about the skills that you don’t have? Will you have the time to learn them or will you rely upon others to help you out?  We all possess at least some skills and …

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The Emergency Survival Tin


Natural disasters can strike without warning as well as other types of emergencies. All too may times people find themselves caught in the middle of a survival situation with no supplies on hand. Perhaps they procrastinated and didn’t get their survival kit put together in time or like many, thought that nothing would ever happen to them. Planning ahead and being prepared beforehand is absolutely essential and key to survival. Our emergency survival tin is …

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Urban Survival: Foraging For Food And Finding Water When SHTF


A major crisis has already started to unfold in your town or city.  Any food and supplies that once remained on the shelves in your local stores have long been depleted with nothing left to spare and you find that your own supplies, if you were smart enough to prepare and stock them in the first place, are almost gone.  This isn’t something that you only see in a movie, it’s reality, and when a …

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