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Stocking Your Survival Cache To Compliment And Strengthen Your Survival Plan


Before you start stocking your survival cache you need to think about your preparedness plan as it will have an impact on the type of gear you stash inside them.  There are literally hundreds of different types of scenarios that we can try and prepare for so trying to cover every one of these as best we can is where things start to get a bit complicated.  None of us know where we will be …

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What Is A Survival Cache And Why Should I Have One?


A survival cache is a container of some sort which contains essential survival supplies that you would hide in a secret location.  What you store in them is entirely up to you but most people will store extra ammunition and guns, food, first aid kits, tarps, tools, and anything else they think will be of use during an emergency or shtf scenario.  It should basically contain the same type of items that you would place …

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Selecting a Survival Cache Container


Most people will build their own survival cache containers out of PVC because the material is readily available, it’s easy to make and very durable.  There are many other types of items that you can use for a survival cache, however, it’s important to make sure that whatever you use is airtight and waterproof, especially if you plan on burring it in the ground or anchoring it somewhere underwater, perhaps under a dock or under …

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