Saturday, March 17th, 2018
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Selecting a Survival Cache Container


Most people will build their own survival cache containers out of PVC because the material is readily available, it’s easy to make and very durable.  There are many other types of items that you can use for a survival cache, however, it’s important to make sure that whatever you use is airtight and waterproof, especially if you plan on burring it in the ground or anchoring it somewhere underwater, perhaps under a dock or under …

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The Emergency Survival Tin


Natural disasters can strike without warning as well as other types of emergencies. All too may times people find themselves caught in the middle of a survival situation with no supplies on hand. Perhaps they procrastinated and didn’t get their survival kit put together in time or like many, thought that nothing would ever happen to them. Planning ahead and being prepared beforehand is absolutely essential and key to survival. Our emergency survival tin is …

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