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The New World Order Currency Card

When the economy finally collapses and our money is rendered useless, how will you purchase/trade for food, water, gear and other supplies?  Many people think that bartering and trade will be the new form of exchange as well as trading gold and silver.

NWOI can proudly say that you’re all wrong and you’ll be happy to know that there is a new option is now available – it’s called the New World Order Currency Card and yes, you guessed it, it’s funded by the Illuminati.  I ordered my card several weeks ago and FINALLY received it in the mail today!  Now I’ll have a piece of mind knowing that after the economy collapses I’ll be able to use this card anywhere around the world!

You can use it to buy chickens, ground beef, live cows, dead cows, vegetables, fruits, seeds, guns, ammo and anything else that you’ll need during dire times.  Remember, the NWO is out there to help make our world a better place by bringing us together under one government so why not order your card today, support them and stay ahead of the game?!?!

Another added benefit to this card is that it can be used at any terminal even if the power grid is down. To use the card, simply swipe the vendors ass crack, grab your merchandise and RUN LIKE HELL!

Perhaps after a few failed purchase attempts you may wish to return the card.

**Although this article is intended to be both humorous and sarcastic, the New World Order is real and a one world government is under way.  Don’t let yourself be fooled.  Now is the time to open your eyes and really understand how our world works, why things always seem to happen by “coincidence” and realize that we’re already living in a highly controlled world – only it will get worse, much worse…

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  1. True stuff & really funny eye catcher! 🙂

  2. I was set to order one, even after reading “simply swipe the vendors ass crack, grab your merchandise and RUN LIKE HELL!”

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