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The Solo Stove – A Product Review

Survival/camping stoves are an essential part of your bug out bag.  They enable you to cook your food, boil and purify water as well as provide you with a small heat source that is safely contained.  There are quite a handful of these types of stoves currently available on the market with new ones in the works as you read this article.  So you are probably asking which one really works the best and is worth it’s price?  We kindly received a sample stove from Solo Stove and finally had the chance to really test it out.  Today we’re going to share our review and thoughts about this product.

The-Solo-Stove-3The Solo Stove:

When un-boxing the Solo Stove, I was actually surprised.  Not only did the stove look neat, it was very well designed and I could immediately tell that this product is very durable.  One thing that many other survival stoves don’t have are a proper means to feed air to the base of the fire without choking it out.  The air holes around the bottom of the stove are strategically placed so that the air can be sucked into the air chamber that surrounds the fire compartment to ensure a steady and even burn.

Starting the fire:The-Solo-Stove-8

I didn’t bring any man made fire starting materials with me except for a lighter as I wanted to burn only the bark, twigs and branches that I would find on site.  Many different stoves work well with dry materials, but the ones I found were covered in snow which would give this product an even tougher test.  I gathered up some random twigs, branches and birch bark.  It took me about 5 minutes to get the fire going steady.  What I really like about this stove is that the interior grill lets the hot coals and embers fall down into the bottom chamber.  The-Solo-Stove-9This enabled me to keep adding more branches and twigs without choking out the air that was being forced upwards to feed the fire.  Even some of the wet branches that I put into the stove burnt without any problems.  After about 10  minutes I had enough hot embers and coals at the bottom of the stove to really keep the fire going.  One other thing I want to mention is that it takes a while for the bottom of the stove to get hot which is a nice bonus.  Yes, you should always try and place the stove on a flat solid surface, but when you’re out in the woods (in my case) with over 4 feet of snow, the last thing you want to do is dig down to the ground below or walk around aimlessly trying to find something flat to rest it on.  Since the bottom of this stove is perfectly flat, it didn’t sink sink into the snow and tip over or lean to one side like some of the other stoves I’ve tested.

The-Solo-Stove-10The pot stand:

What’s nice about this pot stand is that you can put just about any pot on top of the stove.  It’s well balanced and sturdy and can easily support a number of different sized pots and pans.  It’s shape and air holes help to direct the flames upwards right to the bottom of your pot.  There is also a u-shaped opening on one side which allows you to keep feeding your fire without having to remove the pot, another nice and handy little feature.

The Solo Stove Pot 900:

The guys from Solo Stove also sent along the Solo Stove Pot 900 which was a surprise.  The pot can hold approximately 1 liter of water.  It’s made of premium grade 304  stainless steel so you never have to worry about it rusting and on the plus side, it’s healthier than using an aluminum pot to boil water and cook your food in.  Additionally, there are measurement markings embedded into the side of the pot and the two fold out handles are sturdy and allow for a comfortable grip.  Boiling water took approximately 15 minutes, but keep in mind I just threw in a few handfuls of snow and kept letting it melt before it all came to a boil.  The pot and the stove are excellent companions because the stove nests directly inside the pot saving  you all that extra and important space inside of your bug out bag or backpack.

Conclusion:  This is one of the best survival/camping stoves that I have used and because of how well it performed it’s permanently earned it’s place in my backpack and is always taken with me wherever I go.  But don’t take my word for it.  Order one of these for yourself today and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

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