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What Is Concealment And Movement During Evasion?

Having to leave your bug in or bug out location during the middle of a major crisis could prove to be a very dangerous and risky move.  You have to remember that other people like yourself will be in full survival mode and when society breaks down people will do crazy and unimaginable things to ensure their own survival which could mean either taking your supplies, harming you, or completely taking you out.  Avoiding the enemy is key to survival.

What is concealment?

Concealment means to keep someone or something from being seen, found, observed, or discovered.  Your choice of clothing as well as using your surroundings in both urban and wilderness environments will be a key part in successfully concealing yourself from the enemy.  When I speak about an “enemy”, I’m talking about someone who is trying to track you down or perhaps someone who doesn’t even know you’re in the area.  The main focus here is to remain undetected and anyone who is not on your side should be considered the “enemy” whether you think they could be dangerous threat or not.  Being caught in a shtf scenario and not taking the appropriate actions to conceal yourself during your escape could prove to be a disastrous or fatal mistake.

What is evasion?

Evasion is the act or instance of escaping or avoiding something or someone.  While your concealment strategy plays the first part in your survival, your evasion strategy will play the second part.  You have to remember that when major crisis takes place everyone switches immediately to survival mode.  It can take as little as a few days or even hours (as we saw with hurricane Sandy for example) before looting, riots and civil unrest start to take place.  If the situation gets too dangerous your only option to ensure the safety of your family may be to leave your current location.  Concealment and evasion go hand in hand and if not executed properly, your chance of escape and survival will be severely decreased.

Although many of the details that I’ll be discussing throughout this series may seem simple and sound like they should be common sense, I can guarantee that if the time ever came where you needed to put these actions into play it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.  If you’re not professionally trained and don’t have any first hand experience you should try and find as many resources as possible to further educate yourself.  If these types of preparedness classes are available in your area I strongly suggest that you enroll yourself to gain the necessary experience.  Even the most simple things can sometimes be forgotten and that can land you in a load of trouble.

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