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What Is Prepping And Why Should I Prep?

To those of you who already understand the importance of prepping and are doing your best to ensure the safety of your family during and after a disaster or other emergency, my hat goes off to you.  For those of you who still don’t know what prepping is, now is a better time than any to get yourself informed and understand what it really means.  In the simplest way put, it means to be prepared for something undesirable that may happen in the future by gathering supplies beforehand.  You could be preparing for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, hurricane or a drought, or perhaps a man-made disaster scenario such as war, economic collapse or even a widespread power outage.  It could also be something more simple and common such as the loss of a job.  There are two types of preppers that fall into the “prepping” category – those who are preparing for a short term event and those who are preparing for a long term event.

Regardless the situation, if you have been stocking supplies for an uncertain future then you have been prepping.  In recent years the prepper movement has exploded.  Natural disasters are on the rise and are intensifying steadily as time passes by and we can’t deny the fact that our global economy is in trouble.  Food prices are at ridiculous levels and every day we hear horror stories about the chemicals, toxins, and other harmful substances that are being put in our food.  More and more people are becoming aware of these issues and are starting realize that they need to take things into their own hands by stocking supplies, growing their own gardens and producing at least some of their own meat.

Take a moment and just sit outside in complete silence by yourself.  Take in the scenery, smell the air, look at the sky and the clouds.  You’ll probably notice that things are not the way they used to be when you were a kid.  Many people are prepping because they sense that something is going to happen to in the future.  We are now realizing that becoming more self sufficient is the way to go and we need to stop depending so much on our grocery stores and modern day conveniences.  If the power were to go out on a short term or long term scale, do you really think the stores would stay open?  The last remaining items on the shelves would disappear so fast it would make your head spin.  Where would you get your food and other supplies from?  How would you take care of your family in dire times?  In the end it’s up to us to look out for ourselves because we simply can’t rely on anyone else and if you think the government will step in and take care of all of us then your head must be in the clouds.

If a situation never arises that you were prepping for then consider yourself lucky and blessed.  Regardless of what you do, don’t burn the thought into your brain that nothing can or ever will happen to you.  Like many other people who have been caught in unfortunate circumstances, you don’t want to be another one of those statistics that others will look at and say “If they only would have prepared…”.

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