Carpenter Pencils: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Carpenter Pencils: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Make sure you put a few carpenter pencils into your bug out bag. You never know when you are going to need to write something down and they will last a hell of a lot longer than your traditional pencil.
Here are some uses that you can get out of a carpenter pencil:

– Writing (duh)- Marking wood / logs for cutting
– Use to start a fire (make kindling or shavings with it)
– Use it as a ruler to measure things or draw straight lines
– Use it like a knife to spread things like grease, paste, food, etc.
– Use as a splint for your finger or wrist
– The graphite or lead is a dry lubricant and can be used to loosen up sticky locks
– Hold up your hair in a bun
– Chew them when you’re nervous
– Stab someone who is trying to attack you or take all of your survival supplies (just kidding – take them out with your AR-15 instead!)

I’m sure there are other uses that I haven’t listed here. If you have some more ideas please share them with us in the comments below!

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