Edible Insects: A List Of Insects You Can Eat

Edible Insects: A List Of Insects You Can Eat

Actually, eating insects is common in many parts of the world. In parts of Asia, roasted crickets and centipedes are sold by street vendors. In South America, you may even come across smoked tarantula. Insects tend to be nutritious meals, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, and low in carbohydrates and fats.

While the prospect of this may not get your mouth watering, knowing which insects are edible can be a good survival skill to have.

So let’s get started!


Avoid bright colored insects. Like in other animals, bright colors are a sign that an insect may be poisonous.

Avoid insects that smell or are hairy. These too are signs that an insect may be poisonous.

Avoid insects that sting or bite, as they often contain venom.

Avoid bugs that move around out the open. The more bold an insect it is, the more likely they are to be poisonous.

Finally, avoid bugs that carry diseases- mosquitoes, ticks, flies, etc.

Of course, there are exceptions for every rule, so it’s good to know for sure.


Ants- honeypot ants, leaf-cutter ants and carpenter ants are all edible.

Bees- Bees taste great roasted. Don’t get stung in the process!

Bee Larvae- saute in butter for a creamy, crunchy taste!

Centipedes- Roasted centipedes are sold on the street in China! I’m not going to lie, that’s sounds freaking disgusting.

Cicad- found in the eastern United States, if you catch them at the right time they are soft and juicy.

Cockroaches- cockroaches can taste good if they are fed the right food and sauteed. I don’t recommend grabbing them from your house or the street, though.

Crickets- fry some crickets and put them on some rice. Melt some cheese on top. Yum! A popular snack in Thailand and Mexico.

Dragonflies- boil them or fry them for a yummy treat!

Earthworms- high in protein and iron. Served in restaurants in Croatia!

 Grasshoppers- high in protein and calcium. Served in Mexico with Chile and lime.

June Bugs- roasted them and chomp on them like popcorn!

Pill-Bugs/Potatoes Bugs- actually descendants of lobsters, and when boiled they similarly turn red.

Silk Worms- popular in Korea.

Scorpions- fried and skewered and sold on the street in Asia.

Tarantulas- high in protein. Can be roasted, cracked open, and you can eat the meat out of them. Said to have the texture of peanut butter.

Termites- if you’re brave, eat ‘em raw!

Walking Stick- don’t Google image that. Seriously.

Wasps- boil them and serve with rice the way Japanese emperors did.


Find a way to cook, boil or smoke the insects. They will taste better, and it will help remove any venom, toxins and parasites.

Remove any legs, wings and heads if possible. These parts don’t taste very good, and contain little nutritional value.

Okay, I’m going to go throw up now.

Source: preparedforthat.com

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