Pepper Spray: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Pepper Spray: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Pepper Spray…

It’s one of the best things you can have with your bug out bag besides a hand gun for protection.
Make sure you add one to the top of your list of “things to get” if you don’t have any yet.  You never know when someone or a group of people are going to come after you, regardless if you are in a survival situation or not.  Nowhere is safe anymore in our messed up world.

It doesn’t really matter what kind you get. Bear Spray and dog spray is easier to get in some areas than regular pepper spray that the police use and it’s still very effective.  It’s illegal to use almost everywhere, but who cares.  We all have the right to defend ourselves!

Make sure you get one that has a carrying pouch that can attach to your belt or even across the backpack strap in front of your chest. You want to make sure that you can access it FAST.  The last thing you’re going to want to do when someone is about to attack you or chasing you is to take off your backpack and dig through it to find it.

Be smart! Be prepared!

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