Flint / Magnesium Fire Starter: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Flint / Magnesium Fire Starter: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Well folks, this should be the first thing you put into your bug out bag!  Being able to make a fire and keep warm is the number one thing of importance in a survival situation, along with water, then food.  Sure, you can keep matches and lighters in your kit too if you prefer, but they will only last so long.

To use the magnesium as tinder, simply scrape a small pile of shavings off the soft magnesium bar using your scraper or the back of your knife (not the blade). When a spark from the built-in FireSteel hits these magnesium shavings, the magnesium will easily catch on fire and burn at a temperature of 4000 degrees F (2200 °C). This can then be used to help ingnite your natural tinder which may be damp and need this extra boost in order to catch on fire.

A big advantage to carrying a piece of magnesium for tinder is that it will not become damp or wet. Therefore it will burn even if you have totally immersed it in water.

If you don’t have one yet mark this down as number one on your “to do” list!

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  1. Reluctant Prepper - February 20, 2013, 2:00 AM Reply

    I’ve got at least a dozen of these around the house.

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