Polysporin: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Polysporin: A Must Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Planning on getting cut when you’re in the woods or in a shtf situation? Either was I when I was running with my dog and tripped and fell into a ditch scraping the shit out of my knee.  Yeah, it might sound funny but I was lucky I was close to home and could clean the wound promptly.

But what if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, and there’s no chance on getting help any time soon? Regardless if you have a large gash or a small scratch it can mean life or death if it’s not treated properly.  For times like these, you need to make sure you have polysporin in the medical kit in your bug out bag.  And to clean the wound before you apply the polysporin you should use peroxide to clean out and disinfect the wound or cut.  Apply the polysporin to the bandage and then cover your wound with the bandage..  NEVER apply the polysporin to the wound from the container / bottle. You will contaminate the whole thing!

Remember, it’s smart to be prepared for any type of situation… It’s stupid to sit there and think “that will never happen to me”.

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