The Hunting, Fishing and Survival Slingshot / Slingbow

The Hunting, Fishing and Survival Slingshot / Slingbow

This hunting, fishing, slingshot / sling bow combination has to the coolest thing around!

Not only does it take no room in your bug out bag, it’s extremely versatile!

Here are some things that this sling shot / sling bow can do:

1) You can use it to shoot arrows (although you want to make sure you use the high strength elastics – black I think).

2) If you prefer to shoot rocks or ball bearings, the arrow guide simply folds down out of the way.

3) If you want to use it for fishing, with a little modification you can mount a fishing reel to the front of the sling shot handle.  You can hook the fishing line from your reel onto a slip ring that fits over the arrow.  You’ll have to modify the arrow a bit so that the slip ring can’t slip off the end (where the feathers are). At the front of the arrow where the tip screws in, you would unscrew it a little, take a safety pin and wrap it around the arrow and re-tighten the tip.  Bend the safety pin so it’s sticking out backwards like a barb so that when the arrow goes through the fish it won’t come out when you’re reeling it in!

The nice thing about this product is that it’s QUIET!  If you’re stuck in a shtf survival situation and are in danger, you can take out the problem out with steel ball bearings. The only thing I would add is a gravity fed container of some sort that can hold a lot of ball bearings so while you’re shooting you always have more ready right near your hand.

Get one for yourself, set it up and practice!

This slingbow was designed and created by Chief AJ.  They also have a tactical version of the slingshot!

Check out their webpage:


  1. combat51 - February 7, 2013, 1:09 PM Reply

    amazing ingenuity

  2. NoahReloaded - February 1, 2013, 3:41 PM Reply

    As a fan of bows and slingshots it´s a very good option to kill small game and, if needed, for defense saving ammo for “the real deal”. Thumbs Up WW!

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