Water Shortage: Staying Clean Without Water

Water Shortage: Staying Clean Without Water

Clean water is an essential part of life, but what do you do when running water is not available? If you have prepared correctly, you will have a stock of water on hand, but you will want to limit the use of stored water for cooking and drinking. Other tasks, like bathing, will have to wait until you have access to running water once more.

So, how can you stay clean without using water? Fortunately, there are quite a few alternatives to traditional showers and baths. These tips work just as well in emergencies as they do for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Clean Your Hair with Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an amazing invention that soaks up the oil and dirt out of your hair. You can purchase dedicated dry shampoo from the hair care aisle, or if you want to go really low-budget, you can use baby powder from the baby aisle. Simply sprinkle the powder in your hair near the roots, allow the powder to sit for about 5 minutes, then comb the powder out. This will maintain hair for several days or up to two weeks- depending on how oily your hair is.

Clean Your Body with Baby Wipes

Purchase a package of baby wipes from the baby aisle. Use the wipes to clean the dirtiest areas on your body. Pick up anti-bacterial wipes for your hands and feet, and use dedicated face wipes for your face. You can also pick up cleaning wipes in the camping section.

Water-free Tooth Care

There are two ways you can clean your teeth without water. You can either purchase tooth tissue cleaning papers from the camping section, or you can use a tiny bit of water and baking soda and brush your teeth with that.

Cleaning When You Get Really Dirty

If you are out of water for more than a week, the above cleaning methods are not enough. You will need some water to clean. However, you can get fully clean in about 2 quarts of water.

You will need:

  1. A small bucket
  2. Baking soda
  3. Washcloth
  4. Soap bar

Fill the bucket with water. Dip the washcloth into the water. Rub the soap onto the cloth. Wash your body with the soapy cloth. Dip the cloth back in the bucket of water to rinse. Scrub dirty areas (like hands and feet) after cleaning the rest of your body to avoid contaminating the water.

Empty the bucket. Fill it up with clean water. Dip your head in the bucket. Rub about a tablespoon of baking soda into the roots of your hair (use more if you have long hair). Allow the baking soda to sit for a few seconds. It should start to lather. Rub the lather into your head and then rinse clean with the remaining water.

With these simple practices, you can stay clean without using much water. With a little ingenuity, it is possible to keep clean in any situation.

What tips do you have for keeping clean without water? Let us know in the comments below!

This post has been contributed to us by Brenda from MomPrepares.com  Thank you Brenda!

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  1. teabag - July 28, 2013, 1:36 PM Reply

    you can also brush your teeth with the little disposable toothbrushes called “wisp”, which are sold in all kinds of stores. they consist of some soft plastic bristles with a ball of mouthwash-type stuff in the middle, which dissolves as you brush. no rinsing is needed, and i find my mouth is fresh and clean afterwards. they come in two mint flavors and cinnamon that i’ve seen, and the flavors aren’t intense enough to sting even my sensitive tongue. i keep some in my ghb, and one in my purse. nice product, imho.

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