Log Stove – Sweedish Torch

Log Stove – Sweedish Torch

There is nothing like cooking over an open fire.  There are some major disadvantages in doing so.  I have had issues in the past, and have found an excellent alternative.  If you find a large log, you can turn it into a good cooking stove.  Not only will you have good heat to cook, but you can also have a good cook top to place your pan, pot, or cookware.  To see how to build this if you have no chainsaw, Please read below the image.  With a chainsaw, cut slits into the log as shown in the image.  To catch the log you can either put some hot coals from your main fire into the center or you can stuff tinder into the center, but keep it loose enough to keep the airflow.  keep feeding the tinder until it catches the log.  The log should not burn completely with a flame, it will burn, however you don’t want it completely on fire.  Ideally after a while you would want to cook over the  hot coals inside.  This will create the perfect log stove. See below the image for building this without a saw or chainsaw.

log stove

If you do not have a chainsaw, or the ability to cut a log similar to the images above, there are alternative ways to create this.  If you have an axe, you can split the wood, and create the pattern, however you need some large stones or something that will keep the sides from falling, and will retain the form.  If you have no tools available to cut or split the wood, you can also gather similar logs and create the pattern, however your cook top may not be as stable or level.  You will need something to hold the logs in place  such as big rocks.   This is a very effective cooking stove.

Source: doomzdaypreppers.com

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