The Lookout 50 Multi-Day Pack from Mountainsmith: A Product Review

The Lookout 50 Multi-Day Pack from Mountainsmith: A Product Review

lookout 50-1When it comes to selecting a bug out bag or survival pack, many people seem to think that a military A.L.I.C.E. pack is their best option.  Personally, I prefer to take the “functional” approach rather than the “tactical” approach.  Sure, the A.L.I.C.E. pack is alright and has a lot of addons but that defeats the purpose of keeping everything together and as compact as possible.  The reason why I chose this larger pack is because I do not think that a 72 hour kit is anywhere near sufficient.  Disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime and can leave you displaced for days, if not weeks on end or longer and in my opinion limiting myself to a 72 hour pack is just asking for trouble.  I feel that it’s always safer to plan for a larger scale event, just in case.  It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Besides using this pack as a bug out bag or survival pack, it is also an excellent choice for any backpacker, hiker or outdoor enthusiast.  Today I received my Lookout 50 Multi-Day Pack from Mountainsmith and I have to say that I am thoroughly pleased with every aspect of it!  There is more than ample room inside to fit all of my gear and the top of pack even expands upwards to give you a total of 64L of volume.  Besides having tons of space to fit all your gear, I love how the weight of the pack is distributed from your shoulders to the lumbar region.  Right now I have approximately 30lbs of gear in the pack and once I had the harness system configured and adjusted properly it felt like I was carrying barely anything.  The pack also features an Anvil Airway™ perspiration control system that allows air to flow down the middle of your back.  You’ll see the spacing between the padded back supports in the picture below of the back of the backpack.  The back of the pack is also supported with a built in metal frame.

The pack features quite a few compartments as well.  In the bottom of the pack is a sleeping bag compartment but instead of using it for that purpose I will strap my sleeping bag directly to the bottom of the pack with the built in straps.  In the actual sleeping bag compartment I was able to store my Vital Grill survival stove, my two person microdualist cookset from GSI Outdoors, the pocket socket, work gloves, a folding shovel, several hand tools, tie straps, rope, safety glasses, snare wire, fishing kit and other essential survival items. I also threw the Hoboroll (which stores all my clothes and is an awesome product on it’s own) into the main part of the pack.  Yes, I know everything is unorganized right now… I just threw a bunch of random items in there to give you guys an idea as to how much stuff you can fit inside.

On the front of the pack in the middle going vertically there is a zipper which opens up to another storage compartment.  At the very top of the pack is the main cover.  There is a zipper in the back of this main top cover(near the carry handle) that allows you to store quite a bit of stuff as well.  This top cover also detaches and converts into a lumbar pack!  Inside the pack on the back side is another compartment.  On each side of the pack are mesh pockets so that you can carry your water bottles or other tools and lastly, there are two smaller mesh pockets on the actual hip straps.  This pack also has many loops for attaching external gear.

Here are some more photos of the bag for you to check out:

lookout-50-3 lookout-50-5 hoboroll-by-gobi-gear-packed-inside-backpack lookout-50-8 lookout-50-9 lookout-50-10


All in all, this is absolutely a well designed and durable backpack and is able to carry everything I would ever need whether it be a long term shtf scenario, a camping trip, or going on a hiking expedition.  I highly recommend this product to every one of you whether you’re a prepper, survivalist or outdoor enthusiast.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out Mountainsmith’s website and order yourself a high quality pack today – you’ll be grinning at yourself in the mirror saying, “This is the best piece of outdoor equipment I have ever purchased!”.


  1. Echo - October 24, 2013, 5:31 PM Reply

    with having a very slender wallet and a very shallow pocket i was looking at bags at walmart last week and found a really nice on that i am thinking hard on getting. it’s styled like the one your showing. lots of outside pocked, stretch webbing and loads of room inside. has an internal frame and good shoulder straps and a waist strap too. if i get it i will also get a second one for my daughter.

    • whitewolf - October 25, 2013, 7:10 AM Reply

      Remember to check out the quality before you buy it and go online to view customer feedback and ratings. Don’t buy it just because it may be cheap.

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