The Emberlit Titanium Stove – A Product Review

The Emberlit Titanium Stove – A Product Review

emberlit-stove-1Today I am going to do a review for all of you on the Emberlit survival stove.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first that this stove would function the way it’s been advertised and the way I was expecting it to.  I have made many larger fires out in the woods without a problem but all of the small ones always seemed to die out either because the wood was a bit damp, it was windy, or the fire was just simply to small and the air wasn’t getting at it properly.

When I opened the packaging I was surprised at just how thin, compact and light the stove really is.  From the pictures on the manufacturer’s website it seems to be a bit thicker and bulkier.  Because of it’s light weight and how thin the sides are it feels a bit flimsy when you’re putting it together but don’t let that deter you away because it can actually support a lot of weight.  I put about 10lbs of bricks on top on top of the thing didn’t even flinch! It didn’t bend or fold at all which has a great deal to do with it’s unique design and the way it’s sits when it’s put together.

emberlit-stove-3I collected some bark and smaller pieces of wood that I had laying around on the ground outside where I store my firewood. Keep in mind that some of the wood was not 100% dry.  I usually like to put the bark at the bottom and stack my pieces of wood into a teepee shape which is what you see here in the picture.  I find it’s one of the easier ways to get a small fire going.

So, I lit my fire and let it sit for a minute or so and then it really started to take off. All of the holes that are uniquely placed the bottom of the stove act as a natural draft pushing the air upwards and causing the wood to burn very well.  I was expecting the fire to kinda sit there and eventually smolder itself – boy was I wrong!.

In the rest of the pictures below you can see where I had started the fire and within a couple of minutes I had a really awesome fire happening!  The last picture shows just how small and compact this thing is when the stove is all taken apart. Because of the heat the the walls did warp slightly but that isn’t a big deal because you can take them in your hand and simply straighten them out if you need to, but let me stress that it was only slightly and did not in any way affect the performance of the product..

If you are looking for more specific product details, here they are:

Material – Titanium

Weight – 5.45 oz (136g)

Panels – 4×5.5 Inches

Stove Height – 6 inches

Top of stove – 3.5 x 3.5 Inches

Packs flat – 1/8″ of an inch

Fuel – Does not require you to carry any fuel

Includes – Cross bars

Manufacturer – Merkwares

Warranty – Lifetime

All in all, the Emberlit stove is a great little product as it’s reasonably priced, very compact, lightweight, durable, and if taken care of properly will last you a lifetime.  This is one of those products that you should consider adding to your survival, camping or hiking gear!  You can check out the titanium version here or go to their website here.

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