The Kenosha Sleeping Bag by Mountainsmith: A Product Review

The Kenosha Sleeping Bag by Mountainsmith: A Product Review

kenosha-sleeping-bag-by-mountainsmith-1Ahhhh….  Comfort at last… zzzzz… Sorry, I almost fell asleep there!  How many times have you gone camping where you found yourself fighting continuously with the zipper on your sleeping bag or needed to add extra blankets just to keep warm?  I might just have the solution for you !

Today I received my Kenosha sleeping bag from Mountainsmith and will be doing a review for all you hikers, backpackers, preppers and survivalists out there who are looking for a great quality sleeping bag that offers comfort, will protect you from the cold, is extremely durable and can be rolled up and compressed to a very small size – all at a very reasonable price!

It’s the beginning of May and where I’m located it still gets to around freezing during the night so I decided to give this bag a good test this past weekend.  The temperature went down to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). I set up my tent for the first time in years and slept outside for the night. I didn’t bother putting a foam pad or mat under the sleeping bag because I found it to be very comfortable the way it was but that’s just my personal preference.

I had never used a “mummy” shaped sleeping bag before and I thought that I would feel confined inside it.  Even though the bag is made to follow the shape of your body which helps keep you warmer there is still plenty of room to move around inside to find your comfortable position.  It is very well insulated and kept me warm all night without any problems.  All I wore was was a t-shirt and a light pair of long pajama bottoms.  The zipper is very durable, doesn’t snag and when it’s closed the material inside actually covers the seam so there is absolutely no air that can get inside.  You can see the roll of material that covers the zipper in the picture below where the sleeping bag is opened up.  At the the top of the sleeping bag is a strong Velcro strap that will prevent the zipper from coming undone.  I’ve had that happen all too many times with my old bag while turning moving around.  It’s not fun waking up freezing in the middle of the night only to find your bag half unzipped.

The bag also features a from fitting adjustable hood which you can tighten with the draw string.  I found this to be a really nice feature which helps keep you nice and cozy and prevents any cold air from entering the sleeping bag.  I do have a small camp pillow that I put down inside the hood for extra comfort.  There are also some loops on the outside (as seen in the close up picture below) which you can use to hang the sleeping bag on a clothes line or rope to air it out.  With the sleeping bag comes a long-term storage sack (the white sack) and a compression bag (the orange sack) for taking it along with you to your campsite or bug out location. There are four tightening straps on the compression sack.  I found that with my old sleeping bag I had to roll it up as tight as I could and had to fight to get it inside it’s bag.  With the Kenosha, it’s actually easier to just stuff your bag inside and tighten the compression straps a little at a time working in a counter clockwise motion.  This sleeping bag will also fit in the bottom the Lookout 50 backpack!

For those of you want all the detailed specs of the Kenosha, you can click here!

All in all, this is a great product that I highly recommend to all you campers, hikers, preppers and survivalists out there!  Mountainsmith has done a great job at manufacturing great quality products and once again I am very pleased!

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