Types Of Backpacks To Stay Away From

Types Of Backpacks To Stay Away From

There are literally hundreds of different types of backpacks on the market and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  When selecting a bug out bag you want to make sure that the pack you get is very durable, fits you properly, has the proper supports and has enough compartments and space inside to store all of your supplies.  There are, however, some types of packs that you should absolutely stay away from which I’ll list below.

bright orange backpackBright orange packs:

Unless you’re out hunting or are expecting to be rescued, you probably won’t want to be seen wearing a bright florescent orange backpack.  It will attract unwanted attention and if you are trying to stay hidden and out of sight you’ll be finding yourself caught in a lot of trouble especially if all hell breaks loose and people are fighting each other for survival.

plain backpackBackpacks with no supports:

Purchasing a backpack that has no built in supports of any kind is a bad idea.  If you’re planning on using a pack like this as a get home back then it can do the job, but if you will need to leave your home for an extended period of time and will have to carry all your emergency supplies with you then you’re just asking for trouble.  Your entire body will be suffering especially if you’re not in shape and are not used to carrying heavier loads for long periods of time.

huge backpackBackpacks that are too large:

An over sized or overloaded backpack is another bad idea.  It’s not about taking absolutely everything with you which is why we need to learn how to organize our packs and make our survival kits as small and lightweight as possible.  It’s recommended that you only carry up to 25% of your total body weight on your back.  I’ll go over these details in a future post.

backpacks_mainCheap backpacks:

If at all possible, try and stay away from the cheap backpacks like your basic school bags found at Walmart and other stores.  They’re not made to last and don’t offer any type of support or stability and it won’t be long before they start to fall apart on you.  Besides those facts, they usually don’t have many compartments for you to organize your gear either.

pre-made bug out bagPre-made bug out bags/medical kits:

While purchasing a pre-made bug out bag may seem like the best and easiest thing to do, it’s not a good idea because NO pre-made BOB will ever completely cater to your family’s needs.  For the most part, you can actually build your own bug out bag for a lot less money.  The dollar store actually carries quite a few items such as a wide variety of band-aids, patches, slings, arm wraps, alcohol wipes, safety pins, needles, peroxide and more for next to nothing.

Choosing a proper backpack can be confusing.  If you haven’t already, you should read my previous post on selecting a bug out bag.  It will give you some insight on what to look for and as I had mentioned in that post, your best bet is to go to an outfitters store and try on the different types of packs to see which one is the most comfortable and practical for you.  While you might have a bit of a time selecting a BOB use your common sense and stay away from the cheap and unpractical backpacks.  If you can’t afford a higher end quality pack then you’ll have to make do with what you have. Better yet, go to a local army surplus store and see what they have.  Any of those bags are better than a $25.00 low quality pack from Walmart.


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