A List Of Some Of The Most Natural And Non-Toxic Weed Control Methods

A List Of Some Of The Most Natural And Non-Toxic Weed Control Methods

If you have a garden or even if you just want to proudly display a bright green front lawn, you know how annoying weeds can be. Even despite your best efforts at controlling weeds, pulling them out by the roots whenever they sprout up, you will inevitably find that they have somehow made their way back into your precious garden space to wreak havoc yet again.

It’s important to control weeds in your garden because they can grow out of control and even overtake your other plants, whether you’re growing pretty flowers to look at or vegetables and fruits to consume. But using the conventional weed killers that are available in stores is also not the right solution. You shouldn’t have to resort to treating your backyard with poison in order to kill off certain plant species because there are many natural and completely non-toxic alternatives that are just as effective, and sometimes even better, at getting rid of weeds. Using organic, non-toxic, and completely safe and Earth-friendly methods to control invasive plants in your backyard will assure you that your yard is safe for your children to play in, for wildlife to thrive in, and for you to grow your food in as well.

To get you started, below is a list of just a few of the best natural weed control methods available. Try one or more until you find the one that works best for you. Each one is easy to implement, and you may be surprised at how well they work.


Believe it or not, molasses can be used in your garden to get rid of some the worst types of weeds. You can use dry or liquid forms of molasses, which will get rid of weeds that are difficult to keep away, including nut-sedge.


Vinegar really is an all-purpose liquid. You can obviously use it in cooking, but it’s also great for cleaning, and it can actually work wonders at controlling weeds in your garden as well. Choose 10% white vinegar made from grain alcohol.

To make an effective yet completely non-toxic herbicide, take a gallon of white vinegar. Add 1 tablespoon of molasses along with just 1 ounce of orange oil. And finally, add about another teaspoon of a biodegradable and environmentally safe liquid soap. Then simply shake up the mixture to combine all of the ingredients well before spraying it directly onto the weeds that you want to get rid of. This will ensure that you do not get the weed remover on any plants you want to keep and not harm, and it will also ensure that the weeds die from a completely safe compound. Keep in mind that the spray will not harm large trees, but smaller plants will be adversely affected. Therefore, only use this solution on plants that you don’t want to see growing in your garden

Corn Gluten Meal

Any weeds that grow from seeds, such as crabgrass and grass-burs, won’t be able to grow if you spread some corn gluten meal throughout your garden before the seeds sprout. It’s that simple.

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