Custom First Aid/Medical Kits vs Pre-Made Kits

Custom First Aid/Medical Kits vs Pre-Made Kits

medical kitSo now it’s time for you to go out and put together your medical kit.  I’m sure you’ve looked around at Walmart or other stores at the pre-made medical kits that they have for sale and were debating if you should purchase one or not.  While they aren’t all that expensive and usually come in a neat carrying bag or container of some sort you need to think to yourself “Does this kit really contain everything I will need?”.  The answer to that question can easily be answered by asking yourself what it is exactly that you’re preparing for.

If you’re going on a biking, hiking or camping trip then a pre-made kit will probably do the job just fine as long as you don’t find yourself caught in serious trouble.  If you are preparing for a worst-case survival scenario then a pre-made kit will not be anywhere near sufficient.  While there are some pretty extensive pre-made kits available on the market none of them will be 100% effective at covering your entire family’s needs.

checklistWhat you should do is make yourself a chart on a piece of paper with the names of everyone in your family (that you’re preparing for) at the top of the page.  List any specific items that each person is dependent on such as prescription medications, insulin, epee pens, allergy and pain relievers, vitamins, eye drops, etc.  Remember to take into consideration the things that your children or the elderly might need as well.  Some of you may plan on purchasing a pre-made kit and plan to add on to it which is perfectly fine.  Just make sure that you have EVERYTHING covered.  You need to make sure that your medical kit is also kept in a waterproof container.  The last thing you need is to be caught in a rain storm and have your supplies ruined!

A custom kit will cost you more money in the end but the safety of your family is well worth the extra investment!  Be smart, be safe!



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  1. Shane - October 25, 2013, 1:52 PM Reply

    Good article!
    The big one that I think of is Prescription meds.
    If your doctor is down with the program, they may give you a script to keep you topped up with an Emergency supply.
    If not, most are readily available on-line.
    Pain relief and antibiotics should be your priority.
    Also (for survival), I suggest a Field or Combat Surgical Kit.

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