DIY Projects for Your Home – Finding Inspiration On TV

DIY Projects for Your Home – Finding Inspiration On TV

Cutting costs on non-survival items is very important for preppers. If you are focused on homesteading or survival, spending your hard earned money on home décor items is the last thing you want to do. After all who knows how long you will be in your house? It makes a lot more sense to save your money and to spend it on survival necessities. However, that does not mean that you can’t have a house that looks good and has everything in it that you need. In fact, there are some great TV shows that can give you the inspiration you need for DIY projects to upcycle castoffs.

Flea market flip“Flea Market Flip” – Projects to Sell or Keep

This HGTV show pits 2 teams with a $500 budget each against each other. They have to use the money to buy flea market treasures that they can fix-up and resell for a profit. The team with the biggest profits gets to keep the profits from both teams as their prize. There are important takeaways from this show, such as how easy it is to rehab items that at first glance look pretty rundown. An even bigger takeaway is that for the prepper who wants added income without having to get another job, fixing up and flipping flea market finds can be lucrative. Learn from the decisions of the winning teams and in no time, you can have another income stream.

funky to junky“From Junky to Funky” – Upcycling Curbside Rescues

“From Junky to Funky” is a DIY Network show that is even more hard core than “Flea Market Flip”. The show typically features items that have been found on the curb, thrown out as trash. The show follows the transformation of these former landfill-destined items as they are made into useful and appealing furniture and decor for the home. The budgets this show uses for its DIY projects are often rock bottom, even as low as under $20.

Either of these shows is the perfect inspiration for preppers who are choosing to live on a tight budget or those who are looking for ways to bring in more money. Learn from the projects featured and get started on your DIY transformations today.

Suzanne Turcotte is a DIY enthusiast who blogs for a DIRECTV retailer.

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