Rite In The Rain: A Product Review

Rite In The Rain: A Product Review

Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-1Having something to write on when you’re out working, camping, hiking or in a survival situation is an important thing to have in your possession.  Perhaps you want to keep a log of your adventures and findings, you could be lost and want to leave notes behind on trees indicating the direction you went, you could be building a camp somewhere in the woods and need to draw out your plans and make calculations or you could be someone who works outside most of the time and needs a weatherproof paper product.  Regardless the situation, you’ll always find a time and reason when you will need to use a pad of paper to jot something down and the last thing you need is the paper to fall apart when it gets wet.

Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-2Today I am going to do a review about Rite In The Rain, a manufacturer of all weather paper products. The company was kind enough to send us various samples of their products.  I tested them out over the past weekend and luckily for me it was pouring rain!  If you ever wanted a paper product that can stand up to any kind of weather subjected to it, Rite In The Rain is the company to go with!  I was very impressed with how the paper stood up to the rain.  Water drops actually form right on the pages and you can wipe them away or write through them without the page becoming soggy or having what you wrote become smeared.  I even submerged a few pages directly in my kitchen sink.  After about 5 minutes I took them out and wrote on them while they were still wet.  The paper was still completely intact in it’s original condition and writing on it was not affected in any way – it worked perfectly with both pencil and pen.  The paper feels a bit different than your standard paper.  It’s a little thicker and you can feel a slight non slip texture.

Here are some photos for you to look at:

Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-3  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-4  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-5  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-6

I decided to give the paper the ultimate test which was to take the garden hose to it, completely soak it and crumple it up.  You can see this in the pictures below.  The paper didn’t tear and the ink didn’t smear.  In my test I used a pen but pencils work just as well.

Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-7  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-8  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-10  Rite-In-The-Rain-Photos-11

Rite In The Rain doesn’t just make pads of paper – they manufacture a wide variety of all weather paper products that will suit everyone’s needs.  These products include bound books, notebooks, loose leaf, photocopier and laser printer paper, pads and forms, index cards, labels, protective cases, pens and a whole lot more.  You can also choose from a wide selection of page patterns such as universal, journal, field, metric field, metric grid, level, geological, blank pages and more.  They carry something for everyone and you can even browse their products by user group type, such as general, tactical, agriculture, recreation, public safety, etc.

So check out Rite In The Rain and order yourself a few products for your bug out bag, camping gear or for any of your outdoor purposes.  Although you can expect the prices to be a bit higher than your standard type of paper they are still very reasonable.  When you depend on your important notes and documents they need to be able to withstand any type of weather that’s subjected to them and these exceptional products from Rite In The Rain simply can’t be beat.  That fact alone is worth the few extra dollars!

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