The PackTowl: A Product Review

The PackTowl: A Product Review

pack-towel-1Once again we’re talking about simplicity, conserving space and keeping everything in our pack as lightweight as possible and the latest product that falls into this category is the PackTowl.  Today I received a few PackTowls in the mail and will be doing another review for all you survivalists out here.  This unique product makes an pack-towel-3excellent addition to your bug out bag or camping gear!

Depending on which version of the towel you get, it can absorb up to 10x it’s weight in water!  All you have to do is wring it out and you’re ready to keep using it.  Since it’s almost dry immediately after you wring it out it takes very little time to finish drying.

pack-towel-2The towels are also extremely soft (made from polyester/nylon), available in multiple colors and sizes ranging from small to XXL and feature a snap button and strap in one corner enabling you to hang it from a tree branch or almost anywhere to dry and air out.  The antimicrobial treatment reduces odor retention and also increases the life of your towel and it’s also machine washable!


Here are some other possible survival uses for this product:

– If you have no other means to collect or transfer water you can soak the towel and bring it with you to your next location.
– A bandana to protect your head from the sun
– A head cover or neck warmer in colder climates
– A sling to help support an injured arm or leg
– Tie off the circulation to a bad cut or laceration.
– Roll it up and use it as a pillow or neck support

This is an excellent product and I definitely recommend that you get yourself a few of these PackTowls regardless if you’re a survivalist our outdoor enthusiast.  You’ll be glad that you did!


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