Sealline Black Canyon Boundary Pack: A Product Review

Sealline Black Canyon Boundary Pack: A Product Review

The other day I did a post on waterproofing your backpack and mentioned that you could use waterproof dry bags to place your items inside, then in turn place those bags into your backpack.  Today I am going to review the Black Canyon Boundary pack from Sealline which is a waterproof sack and a backpack all in one!

sealline-boundary-pack-1The bag:

The bag is made from PVC-free, scrim-reinforced urethane and features a watertight Dry Seal roll-top closure.  Even if quickly submerged it will keep all of your gear completely dry!  This bag is an excellent choice for those who are worried about your equipment and supplies getting wet, especially if you are planning on trekking out in wetter climates or perhaps going on a canoe trip.  The bag is also lightweight and extremely durable and is available in three different sizes, 35L, 70L and the 115L.

As a worst case scenario if you needed to transport water from one location to another you could partially fill the bag with water and carry it with you to where you need to go.  Yes, water weighs a lot so you obviously wouldn’t fill this thing to the top but as a last resort you could use it for this purpose.  Remember, we always need to keep in mind the other potential uses for every item in our survival kits, even the bags!

The boundary pack doesn’t have an internal frame system so I would place your larger and softer items against the side where your back will be resting otherwise you may find the load to be a bit uncomfortable if you have a bunch of hard irregular shaped items stored in it.  Another note that should be taken is that if these bags are dropped in the water they will float!

sealline-boundary-pack-2The shoulder harness:

The lightweight suspension system features shoulder straps that are waterproof but one neat thing about these boundary packs is that if you want to just use them as a plain bag or to line the inside of your main pack the shoulder and waist straps are removable!  They are held on to the bag via the slot in the back, looped up and around and held in place with very strong Velcro and no, you don’t have to worry about it coming undone.  The suspension system also has a waist strap to help keep the load close to your back.

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Overall performance:

I took this bag out into the woods for a test hike to see how comfortable it would be.  I packed it with a bunch of my gear and headed out for a hike along one of the local creeks.  Surprisingly, I found it to be quite comfortable.  Since the bag is soft and flexible it is able to follow the arch of your back while you’re climbing or ducking down to go under tree branches.  After a while I started to feel a bit of discomfort in my shoulders but then again I don’t go on hikes every single day and I’m out of shape!

Regardless, the bag held up very well and I even tried submerging it in the stream to see if water would find it’s way in.  The roll down snap enclosure did the job very well not letting in any water at all.  Chances are that you will never find yourself in a situation where your bag gets completely submerged but if you did, you can be assured your gear will definitely be protected!

For more information and specifications on this great product you can click here to visit Sealline’s website.

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