The RS2000 Personal Lavatory System by Restop:  A Product Review

The RS2000 Personal Lavatory System by Restop: A Product Review

restop-lavatory-system---1I’m not sure how you feel about it, but having to run to the bathroom when you’re camping only to find out that every single stall is already occupied can be a real pain in the ass, literally.  It’s happened to me all too many times before (yes I know, too much info) and if I would have known that the Personal Lavatory System by Restop existed, I would have purchased one a long time ago.  On top of that, you just never feel comfortable in those pubic bathrooms and unless you have been lucky they are never very clean.  Just imagine the convenience of having your own portable bathroom wherever you go – and now you can!

The Privacy Tent:

The Restop Personal Lavatory System is basically a lightweight and extremely portable bathroom stall that takes only a few minutes to set up.  All of the pieces are built in together so you simply prop it up and slide the locking mechanisms into place. The locking mechanisms were an ingenious idea and save you a lot of hassle – no more wasting your time putting a bunch of steaks and supports together.

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When the privacy tent is set up it stands 6′ 6″ in the center and 4′ x 4′ at the base which gives you more than enough room to do your business.  It’s made of polyester taffeta, is both water repellant and mildew resistant, meets all current flame resistant standards and comes with it’s own carrying case as well.  It takes less room than your standard tent when collapsed and stored in it’s bag.  Ground steaks are also included and I was very surprised at how thick and strong these are – they aren’t like the regular thin round pegs that you get with a tent. The photo below doesn’t really do justice, they actually have some decent weight to them.  There are three handy large storage compartments built into each of the inside walls and there is also a loop at the top of the shelter that you can use to hang a portable shower, flashlight or anything else you want.

Restop also sells a really neat accessory for the privacy tent which is the Nemo Helio Shower.  It’s a free standing system (that sits on the ground) and provides you with 5-7 minutes of steady water pressure.  It makes a great addition to the privacy tent and other than a shower, it can be used to rinse off your dishes and clean your gear.

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So if you like to go camping but don’t want to worry about having to run a quarter mile to the nearest bathroom stall and would rather have your own personal shower or bathroom right at your campsite then this privacy tent is the answer to your dilemma.  Just set it up at your campsite and you’ll have the comfort and piece of mind that all the other campers wished they had!

restop-lavatory-system-12The toilet and seat:

The commode (toilet) actually proved to be very sturdy and didn’t feel like I was going to tip from side to side, granted you don’t set it up on a slope or very soggy ground.  The padded seat, which is also comfortable, is like a soft rubberized cushion that can easily be cleaned.  It has a groove in the bottom of it which lets it sit right on top of the pail that prevents it from slipping off.  When it’s time to put everything away, the seat simply bends or folds and you can stick it back inside the pail.

The waste collection bags that come with this kit are designed to safely contain and neutralize your waste and odors using a patented “bag within a bag” design.  Plenty of toilet paper and a moist antiseptic towelette are also included.  This kit comes with 5 liquid waste bags and 10 solid waste bags which should be enough to “keep you going” for a while, however, if you run out you can always order more directly from Restop’s website.

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The personal lavatory system is all fine and dandy to take along with you when you’re gone traveling, camping or having a family reunion in your back yard but what about in a shtf scenario? I’m not talking about an explosion in your pants, I’m talking about a natural disaster that could knock your electricity and render your sink and toilets useless as the water supplied to them relies on your electric water pump.  Sure, if you absolutely had to you could just go to the bathroom anywhere you deemed fit but having a nice setup would still be much more functional and comfortable, especially in a time of distress.  Even the simple things such as having a proper toilet like this will make a big difference for you and your family.  Perhaps you wouldn’t need the privacy tent in this case but don’t fret, you can order the toilet (commode) separately.

Finally, I think this is an excellent well thought out product and I highly recommend it to all you avid travelers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers and survivalists out there!  Check out their website for more details!

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