Our Corrupt World: How Did We Get Here?

Our Corrupt World: How Did We Get Here?

Today I decided to take a break from writing another article.  I just have a few things on my mind that I feel I must share for some reason or another.

Something was telling me to just sit back and think about where my life is headed, where this world is headed.  Just looking around the vicinity of where I sit, I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and disgust.  Sadness because my children have to grow up in such a controlling and unforgiving world.  Disgust, because we as a people have chosen to let ourselves be controlled to the point of almost no return.  We have to admit that if we wouldn’t have let the evil take over we wouldn’t be in this position.

We all bitch and complain about how unfair we are treated, how our liberties and freedoms are being taken away, day by day.  We are stuck in a rut of desperation and despair.  Some of us protest against our governments yet we never seem to get ahead because there is a power out there that is beyond our governments, something that each of us could never conquer alone.  That is the power of Satan.

Our world has always been filled with sin but today we are completely blinded and consumed by it.  There has never been a time in our world’s history where we have pushed GOD aside to the extent that we refuse to let him into our lives.  He’s been taking out of our towns and cities, banned from our schools almost completely erased from our society.  And we sit back and say to ourselves “how did our world turn out to be such a screwed up and evil place to live?”.

So lest face it.   Money, greed, power, control, Satan.. That’s what has taken over.  Preparing for and surviving what is coming will not be easy. We will see and endure major civil unrest, riots, wars, natural disasters and other unimaginable events. There’s no way around them as it’s been written in the book of time.   Some of us will make it through these grilling times and some of us won’t.  The only guarantee that every one of us have is that we will be faced with one last decision which will be the most important one we will ever make in our lives.  That decision is whether we continue on in the direction that we’re headed or change our ways, admit that we are sinners and that we need Jesus in our lives to help guide us so that we may enter the kindom of heaven when our time has come to face judgement.  Its up to us to choose our fate.

For those of you who wish to leave nasty comments, please don’t bother.  They will just be removed and it only shows to the rest of us which side you have taken.  All I can hope for us that some of these words have made you stop for a second to think.  So while we are prepping for an uncertain and scary future, take a moment to think about why we are really in this position in the first place.  Whatever you do, don’t stop preparing.  The evil in our world will be an ongoing battle and we must do what it takes in order to ensure our own future and survival until it’s time to face our judgement day.  Just remember that on top of all your survival caches, bug out bags and food stockpiles, there is one more thing that you will need to make it through these troubled times.  That’s the power of God and with him we can all succeed.

I will continue to write for all of you who have been following me and for all of my new followers to be.  I appreciate and respect every one of you as well as all of your compliments and suggestions.  Without you, InchSurvival wouldn’t be here so I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to preparedness, survival and self-reliance!


  1. TonfaGuy - September 29, 2013, 5:31 AM Reply

    Mans inhumanity to man is, unfortunately hard wired into us all to some extent or another.
    Most people know the difference between right and wrong. Some feel comfort believing it be from a god others not.
    It all boils done to – are you weak or strong.
    You would do the most terrible things to protect your family and keep them safe. You do what you have to do and can justify to yourself.
    I think we do have strong leaders who are unfortunately able to justify their corrupt ways to themselves.
    They surround themselves with weak “yes men”.
    To everyone’s downfall.

  2. Chris - September 26, 2013, 12:36 PM Reply

    I wouldn’t dream of leaving a nasty comment. Your faith is your own and no one should disrespect that even though us survivalists have wildly differing religions and beliefs – or total lack thereof. I would only question, “where’s personal responsibility in all of that?”. Do evil *people* shoulder no blame for the ills of the world? If my neighbour goes on a rampage with an assault rifle do you purely blame the “devil” for his actions? Again, not trying to argue – just genuinely curious.

    • whitewolf - September 27, 2013, 7:13 AM Reply

      Chris, although Satan is behind all evil, we have to be held responsible for our own actions and choices. We are smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong. We either choose to go with God or let the evil forces take us over.

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