The Adventure Bracelet by Wazoo Survival: A Product Review

The Adventure Bracelet by Wazoo Survival: A Product Review

Paracord bracelets have become very popular over the last few years especially since our world is going downhill and we face an uncertain future.  In preparing for a disaster, paracord bracelets have made their way to become part of our every day survival gear, not only as an attractive piece of apparel to wear but also as an emergency aid to carry along with you at all times.  Today I am going to review the Adventure bracelet by Wazoo Survival, one of the coolest and feature packed paracord bracelets around.

wazoo-2The bracelet:

First of all, the bracelet just looks cool!  It’s made from 550lb mil spec paracord which is extremely tough as it has minimum break strength of 550 pounds.  This is the same type of cord that was once used in the parachute lines of our soldiers in the second world war.  Paracord has literally hundreds of uses in a survival situation and can also be taken apart so you can use the inner strands for sewing, fishing, flossing and other things.  What’s also nice is that it is rot and mildew resistant and is available in a wide variety of colors and designs so you get to choose exactly how want your bracelet to look.

The plastic buckle is very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone and a whistle is uniquely built in.  Underneath the female buckle is a mirror (sticker) which you can use to signal for help or to direct the sunlight on to your tinder to start a fire. Two black plastic zip ties are woven into the center of the bracelet with the heads sticking out at each end of the bracelet allowing you to deploy them quickly if needed.  Two first aid tinder packets are included in this kit and are located (one on each end) on the plastic buckle and held in place with ranger bands. You can use these packets to help stop bleeding, cover a small wound or fluff them up to use as a fire starting aid.  A universal handcuff key is also available as an add on to this bracelet.

wazoo-1Fire starter:

Being able to start a fire in a disaster or survival situation is absolutely essential.  What’s really cool about this bracelet is that a flint rod is housed directly in the center of the male buckle.  A ceramic striker blade is included with this kit (which is located under the female buckle and held in place with ranger bands) and has multiple uses.  You use one end to strike the flint rod to create sparks.  There is a blade along one side of this piece which can be used to cut different things or create wood shavings to help start your fire.

Surgical tubing:

Surgical tubing has a few different uses and is a great thing to have as part of your survival gear.  It’s primary use should be quite obvious as the name says but it can also be used to tie off your arm or a wounded area to help slow down or stop the bleeding from a bad cut.  You can also use it as a sling shot band or access water in hard to reach places by using it as a straw.

wazoo-3  wazoo-6  wazoo-7

Fishing kit:

Tucked away neatly inside the bracelet core is a fishing kit which will help increase your chances of survival out in the wilderness.  It contains 30 feet of 50lb test braided fishing line which should be more than sufficient if you are going to fish in a small stream or river. Two split shot weights are included to weigh down your line in the river current.  If the current is too strong and they aren’t heavy enough to weigh down your line then you can tie some rocks or pebbles directly into your line.   Two small razor sharp hooks are also included in this kit.  Although you’re not going to land a trophy catch with these hooks they will still help you snag a small fish such as brook trout.  Make sure you know how to tie your fishing line properly into the hooks so that you don’t loose an important survival item!  The fishing line also has several uses such as repairing clothing, dental floss, making trip wires and snares and even holding together your shelter.  Two small safety pins are also housed in the bracelet core.

wazoo-5The Clam shell Compass:

The liquid filled compass is built directly into the center of the bracelet so you don’t ever have to worry about losing it.  It’s a unique product that’s manufactured solely for Wazoo Survival so you will only find it on their bracelets. It functions very smoothly, the N S E and W indicators glow in the dark and the top of the compass has a hinged cover that closes down to protect the plastic lens from scratches and other abuse.  Underneath the cover is a glow in the dark sticker.  You can place this directly under any light for about 5 minutes and the sticker will glow for a few hours  providing you with enough light to look at your map and close surroundings in the dark.  On the bottom of the compass is a retro reflector which can be used to signal for help – it basically redirects a beam of light directly back at the source such as a flashlight or the headlights of a car.


This is an excellent survival bracelet that every one of you should have as part of your survival gear. For all you minimalists out there who insist on carrying the bare minimum, you can now do so and in style!  Get yours today and show it off to your friends – I guarantee they will be jealous!

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