The Nav Elite Waterblock Compass: A Product Review

The Nav Elite Waterblock Compass: A Product Review

navelite-3I found it funny when someone came to me and said “hey, check out this neat little compass that came with the bottle of mosquito repellant that I bought!”.  I laughed and said, “Um yeah… good luck with that!”.  I do have to admit that they can work (at least the liquid filled ones) to help you find your way but they are not something you would specifically want to choose as your main navigation tool as they are not always reliable and lack some very important features.

In this review I will be going over the Nav Elite Waterblock compass, an extremely important piece of gear that one should add to their survival supplies.

navelite-5There are some prominent features about this compass which made it an easy pick for me.  The first being that you wear it on your wrist which makes it very practical and easily accessible at any given time.  Another great feature that I love is the back light which many other compasses lack.  You can press and hold down the back light button for a few seconds and the light will stay on until you deactivate it giving you as much time as you need to determine your bearing and set your direction of travel.

navelite-2The compass can be submerged into 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without the functionality being compromised.  So if it’s pouring rain or you happen to find yourself needing to cross a stream or river of some sort, you don’t have to worry about protecting it by putting it in a waterproof bag or dry sack.  The lens is also scratch resistant.  The watch band is very durable and has a square portion that features a Velcro strap which will ensure that it won’t come undone if you happen to get snagged on something or rub your wrist against a tree or other object.  A user replaceable battery is included and pre-installed in the compass which will last approximately 2 years with normal use.  I recommend to always have a spare battery on hand as you never know when you will find yourself on the move at night or in low light conditions.

navelite-4One particular concern that some people have shared with me about this type of compass is that they feel unsure about it since there are no straight edges like on your traditional map compass to help you pinpoint your exact direction of travel. Don’t let that scare you away as it’s widely used by many professionals as well as people in the military.  Once you understand how to read a map properly and have practiced taking and reading bearings, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to use and will give you accurate readings.  The same goes with all the rest of your survival equipment. Get out and test it all to make sure you understand how to use all of your gear properly so if and when an emergency happens you won’t be sitting there scratching your head losing precious time and / or compromising the security and safety of yourself or others in your group.

In conclusion, this well designed, unique and reliable compass is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand.  If you don’t have a compass yet, make it one of priorities to go out and get one.  And remember, just because you may live in the city doesn’t mean that you won’t need one. Your survival plan and strategy can change in an instant whether you want it to or not.

For more information about this great product please visit Nav Elite’s website.

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