The FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket from – A Product Review

The FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket from – A Product Review

fsd-2Natural disasters and other types of emergencies happen all the time without warning and unfortunately they are on the rise.  When a disaster strikes we can’t simply sit back and depend on someone else coming to our aid as it could be days, weeks or longer before anyone comes to our rescue provided that they even know where we are and that we need help in the first place.  One of the best assurances we can give ourselves is to have an emergency food supply such as the FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket (along with water) on hand at all times.

One thing I mentioned before in one of my previous articles was that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just 72 hours of supplies.  Get yourself a couple of these kits as you never know how long you might have to endure the after effects of a disaster. It’s always better to have more than you need than to have an inadequate supply.  I doubt you would want to endure the consequences.

For those of you who don’t have the time to put your own kit together or lack the experience of canning and preserving your own food, the FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket from is an excellent choice as it comes with everything you would need.  With that said I will break things down into a few separate groups below.

fsd-12The emergency meals:

The emergency meals come individually packaged, can be divided into 4 or 5 equal servings and have a shelf life of 5 years.  If kept in a cool dry place they would last even longer.  A great tasting assortment of meals are including covering everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Powered drink mixes are included as well.  I was  surprised at how good these meals taste!  I was expecting something more along the lines of “this isn’t that great, but it’s all I have and it’s better than nothing…”  So if you’re ever caught in a situation where you need to cook up one of these meals, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll soon be eating something that not only will fill you up, but will also provide you with the needed calories and nutrition.  Having good tasting food on hand in case of an emergency will also help boost your morale when everything else has fallen apart.

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Here are the contents of the kit:

  • 1 – Artisan Oatmeal 4 Serving Pouch
  • 1 – Harvest 6 Grain Cereal 4 Serving Pouch
  • 1 – Texan Sunrise Skillet 4 Serving Pouch
  • 1 – Instant Low Fat Milk 4 Serving Pouch
  • 1 – Instant Orange juice 8 Serving Pouch
  • 1 – Rotini A La Marinara 5 Serving Pouches
  • 1 – Nantucket Potato 5 Serving Pouches
  • 1 – Rio Grande Beans 3 Serving Pouches
  • 6 – InstaFire Paper Pouches
  • 1 – Folding BBQ Grill
  • 1 – Cooking Pot w/ Detachable Handle
  • 1 – 8 oz. Drinking Cup
  • 1 – 6-in-1 Detachable Utensil Set
  • 1 – Seychelles 24 oz. Water Filter Bottle
  • 1 – Plastic Container w/ 50 Waterproof Matches
  • 1 – 23 Piece First Aid Kit


fsd-9The Cook Stove:

I found the cook stove to be a bit light and flimsy but does hold together very well.  The stove comes with 6 InstaFire Paper pouches.  This is the fuel that you will use to cook your food.  Just open one package, dump the entire contents into the stove and light it.  Once in a while you have to stir up the mixture to keep it burning steadily.  Enough pouches are supplied to enable you to cook all of the meals in your kit, however, if you do happen to run out of fuel you can always use twigs, kindling or other small pieces of wood to keep your fire going.  50 waterproof matches are also included as well as a light weight aluminum pot with detachable handle for boiling your water and cooking your food.

fsd-7The water bottle:

Having clean and safe water to drink is of up-most importance and thankfully this kit comes with a 24oz water bottle that has a filter built in.  I wouldn’t go collecting water from a stagnant marsh or pond, but getting your water from a river, stream, lake or other “cleaner” source would be ideal.  These filters can eliminate up to 99% of water born illnesses and bacteria, however, you should still boil your water beforehand just in case.  If you want double the protection, boil your water first, then run it through the filter.  To use the water bottle simply fill it up with water then squeeze the bottle to force the water up through the filter and out the drinking spout.  I don’t recommend putting your drink mixes into the water bottle as they will affect the water filter.  For this purpose and added convenience, a 6oz drinking cup is also included.  The cup can also be used as a measuring cup for adding the proper amount of water to your pot when cooking your meals.

fsd-11The first aid kit:

A 23 piece first aid kit is included but it is a very basic one.  It’s good as a starting point and is definitely better than having nothing at all, however, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the kit as is.  Keep in mind that no first aid kit will ever be completely tailored to your needs unless you put it together yourself.  Every person is different and there will always be additional things you may need to add including your medications and other important items.


The FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket is a really great kit that will prove to be very useful in time of an emergency.  Like I had mentioned before, this is a 72 hour kit.  Don’t limit yourself to just 72 hours of supplies like many others have done as in many cases, it’s simply wasn’t enough.  I would order at least 2 or more of these kits to have on hand at all times and if you end up using some of the contents from one kit be sure to replace it.  Our world today is very dangerous and unpredictable.  Keeping yourself properly stocked will be key to your survival.  Be sure to check out, they carry a wide range of other emergency supplies as well!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the FSD Food, Fire, Filter Bucket for free from as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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