The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud: A Product Review

The HydraQuiver from Orange Mud: A Product Review

orange-mud-4My wife has always enjoyed going for walks as well as the occasional jog, however, bringing along a water bottle, a snack and her mp3 player has always been a challenge since she prefers to have her hands free.  Fortunately for her, we came across a new product called the HydraQuiver by Orange Mud, an attractive, minimalist style running pack that alleviates all of those issues and makes walking and jogging all that more enjoyable.

orange-mud-1Not only does this pack look very chic, it’s light (weighing in at only 314 grams), is made of breathable nylon, has very soft webbing on the shoulder straps and backing and feels like you’re barely carrying anything at all.  The adjustment straps are easy to reach and only take a moment to set to your comfort level.  If you are jogging or plan on running through some trails in the woods then you will probably want to adjust the pack a little tighter.  This will prevent the pack from moving back and forth when you’re running.  On another note, if you’re only going for a walk you may want to loosen up the adjustments for a more relaxed fit.  We all have our own preferences.  The other thing she liked is that the water bottle stays centered on her back which means it won’t slosh around she’s out walking, jogging or running.  There are also two pouches, one on each shoulder strap that you can use to store your Iphone, an mp3 player or even a granola bar or other small snack.

???????????The water bottle holder is tapered which not only makes this feature of the pack look neat, it also makes it easier for you to put back your water bottle while walking so there is no need to take off the pack.  A 24 ounce BPA Free water bottle (it’s also dishwasher safe) is included with this pack, however, for those of you who want to continue using the one you already have, there is a Velcro  strap located at the bottom of the holder which you can adjust to accommodate the size and height of your water bottle.

orange-mud-3Additionally, there is one zippered pouch on the front left side of the pack where you can store some other small supplies.  Remember that keeping a small first aid kit with you at all times is always important. On a side note, it would have been nice if they put a second zippered pouch on the right hand side.  Above the zipper is a small hole for you to run the wires for your headphones, that is, if you want to keep your mp3 player stored here instead of in one of the shoulder straps.  The pack is available in different colors and for your safety, the logo on the front of the pack is reflective which will allow motorists to easily spot you.


My wife would definitely recommend this pack to others who like to go walking, jogging or on short hikes and want to be hands free.  Although it’s a bit more on the pricey side, the pack is very well made and will surely last you for years as long as you take care of it properly.

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the HydraQuiver for free from Orange Mud as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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