The Tahoe by Granite Rocx – A Product Review

The Tahoe by Granite Rocx – A Product Review

granite-rocx-4One of my favorite things to do is to go hiking and camping.  The only downfall to hiking to a remote camping location is that it’s often an inconvenience having to carry your folding/camping chair so you have something nice to sit on when you want to kick back and relax.  I didn’t want to have to carry a chair in my arms as it would not only be an annoyance, it would slow me down as well.  The other issue was keeping the food and drinks cold that I had packed.  But don’t fret, there’s something on the market that does just that!  This brings me to review The Tahoe by Granite Rocx, which is a really neat backpack with a twist.

granite-rocx-7At first glance, the Tahoe backpack cooler looks like your standard backpack, however, there are a few key features that really make it stand out and make you think “hey, this is cool!”.  First lets go over some of the regular features.  The pack is made of 420D ripstop nylon and the padded shoulder straps (which have a pocket for your phone or mp3 player) make it comfortable to wear. There is also an adjustment strap for your waist and one that goes across your chest.

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The main compartment of the bag has a capacity of 35 Liters, which is plenty of room for all your basic camping gear.  The interior of the main compartment features an organizer with multiple pockets which definitely comes in handy for keeping track of some of your smaller items.  The front exterior of the pack features criss cross bungee cord system which you can use to strap down a variety of items such as a tarp, jacket or many other things that you can think of.  Like many backpacks, there are two adjustable straps located on the very bottom of the pack.  Here you can strap on a tent, tarp, a rolled up foam mat or maybe even some kindling that you’ve collected. A lot of these features may seem simple but they are definitely nice to have.

granite-rocx-10Now here is where things really start to get interesting!  Remember that camping chair I was talking to you about?  Well, this backpack has a separate compartment that unzips and has a “T” cross section of tie down adjustable straps that allow you to slide your standard folding/camping chair right into the bag and secure it into place!  How neat is that?  Now you don’t have to worry about carrying that thing in your arms!  Once you have the straps adjusted properly, the chair remains secure and doesn’t slide around.  There is also plenty of padding between your back and the chair compartment so you don’t have to worry about it feeling uncomfortable.  If you don’t plan on bringing a chair with you, then you can use this compartment for some of your other gear.

granite-rocx-1granite-rocx-2The cooler is another really “cool” feature that comes with the backpack.  From now on, you won’t have to worry about cramming your food and drinks into the main area of your pack because this one is a separate bag that actually clips (there are three clips, one on top and one on each side) into the front of the main pack!  There’s a lot of room inside (can hold 12 cans) so you have plenty of room to store all your food and drinks.


This pack is an excellent option for any camper or outdoor enthusiast.  It’s unique features and versatility are sure to satisfy the needs of anyone going camping, on a canoe trip or a short excursion.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the The Tahoe for free from as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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